Greece Referendum Results: No, 61.31%; Yes, 38.69%


Strap in — tomorrow is going to be a busy day:


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  1. DeDude commented on Jul 5

    Who better to be the defenders of democracy and stand up to economic tyranny and intimidation. They are in for a lot of hurt, but at least this time it will be in the service of a great cause. With the current government it will not all be born by those who have the least to spare.

    • willid3 commented on Jul 5

      yes they are. but they have already been. and every one told them that by now things were to be much better than they are. if you tell me some pain now will fix it and in some finite identifiable time, it will be better, as opposed to just more pain, with an infinite time scale as far as to when improvement will happen.

      which would you pick? cause thats essentially what their choices were. yes there will be pain with an exit. a depression is likely. but that describes the hear and now. and while the former will be painful, in maybe 10 years the pain will be done.

      as opposed to continuing with the now current prescription, where there is a depression, with no end any where in sight, cause they cant pay the debts, in less than 20-40 years, if then.

      you would think Germany would at least recognize this, cause its the same debt problem that trashed them after ww1, where the allies set such punitive debt schedules for them, that it destroyed the democracy that was there. and you know what replaced that

    • DeDude commented on Jul 5

      Yes every year the Troika predicted that Greece would turn around next year – and every year that turned out to be a lie (probably deliberate since nobody could be so stupid as to think austerity would not sink a demand starved economy). The original deal was a scam designed to make sure that rich plutocrats and banksters would have time to unload their inevitable losses to governments rather than taking responsibility for their own malinvestments. That part is now over and they look forward to use all that government provided cash to participate in a firesale of Greek assets. The inherent european tribalism was stoked to make sure that the people of other european countries were not paying attention to being robbed by their own plutocrats and banksters – and instead blamed Greece.

    • ilsm commented on Jul 5

      Seems that 61% of Greeks do not watch the EU version of faux news, or those who voted no think about what they hear.

      What if 61% of Americans began thinking?

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