Health Insurer Merger Mania



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  1. rd commented on Jul 7

    If they all merge into one, the remaining company can be nationalized into a Canadian-style single payer. That would bring an immediate cost savings as insurance profits could be eliminated.

  2. Al_Czervik commented on Jul 7

    These people are profit maximizing machines. Economists of the 19th Century coined the phrase “homo economicus”. Roddenberry called them Ferengei. They exist for no purpose other than harvesting and privatizing public resources and facilities (schools, healthcare, prisons, parking meters, etc.). No law can be passed for which they can’t find the exploitable backdoor.
    Our society places these people on a pedestal but it seems to be a type of anti-social behavior having elements in common with ADD/Asperger’s/Autism spectrum disorder.

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