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  1. theexpertisin commented on Jul 22

    Cuba, SI!
    Iran – disaster.

    Wait until the gringos go wild in Havana with the beautiful and dirt cheap prostitutes, rancid leaded gasoline, broken sewer pipes with smells,bad water, burning garbage, inconsistent cigars, inferior accommodations, restaurants with half a functional menu and the ever-present armed police and security. Been there several times since 2011, and I still love it!

    The Iran deal with newly discovered secret protocols is a product of progressives living in an alternative universe.

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Jul 22

      Sounds like New York City! At least in the ’90s.

      The Iran deal is face saving, nothing more. Like “peace in our time” (N. Chamberlain) and “peace with honor” (R. Nixon).

  2. Biffah Bacon commented on Jul 23

    I think that once we are in, Cuba and Iran will see that it is better to be at least a little in our sphere than to be outside the wire. Once they are in, they have some stake in future negotiations and the process of incorporating them into the US led world capitalist system will proceed inexorably, if it doesn’t collapse from corruption and inequality first.

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