Surging Seas: 2°C Warming and Sea Level Rise

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Source: Climate Central

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  1. CD4P commented on Jul 19

    1) That’s a lot of nuclear power plants to move.

    2) Florida could get really interesting with people and crocs competing for turf in what remains.

  2. CD4P commented on Jul 19

    Remarkably, Cuba will be unaffected by the 2 degree temperature rise! Maybe that’s why we’re restoring relations with them?

  3. romerjt commented on Jul 20

    Amtrak north from nyc. . . . underwater too . yikes.

  4. RW commented on Jul 20

    Personally I doubt global warming will stop at a 2 degree rise — accelerating positive feedback mechanisms (methane hydrate, etc) and too much time wasted quarreling and dithering — but even if it does stop at 2 degrees most people appear to be a long way away from realizing just how bad that is going to be; e.g., coastal flooding is illustrative and dramatic but it will not be the most catastrophic effect by a long shot.

  5. rhkaplan commented on Jul 20

    Why is anyone surprised? There were very cold average Earth temperatures ~ 450 million years ago (mya), 300 mya, 150 mya, and now. During those times, the earth cooled from 22 to 25C average maximums to 10 to 12C average minimums when no humans existed. Yes, the earth is again heating up just as it has over at least the past 500 million years. It isn’t due to humans, it is part of the natural cycle. Fro example, Florida was completely underwater over 50 mya and this is known based on fossil history. Who knows how much coastal land on the earth will be underwater during the present heating cycle. Fossil history can provide clues.

    • TheCenterLane commented on Jul 21

      rhkaplan writes:
      “It isn’t due to humans, it is part of the natural cycle.”

      You are on the wrong website for posting that shit. You need to be on the Fox News website, where the tools of Roger Ailes will heap praise upon you.

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