The US Averages One Mass Shooting Per Day in 2015

Source: WonkBlog h/t KnowMore

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  1. ByteMe commented on Jul 28

    Bobby Jindal says it’s not an appropriate time to talk about guns being used in all these mass shootings. I think he’s waiting for a break in the action.

  2. theexpertisin commented on Jul 28

    A sad statistic.So are the 55 million abortions since Roe-Wade. And the deaths and maiming from futile foreign adventures.

    No one should ignore these sad events over the past few decades. We should not attempt to justify any of these happenings. A national examination of our values needs to occur.

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Jul 29

      What would America be like with 55 million more people who were unwanted children?

    • theexpertisin commented on Jul 29

      Your comment sounds like something from central Europe circa 1933-1945.

    • intlacct commented on Jul 29

      Only idiot teens have babies in the Netherlands. A freebie abortion on the state’s dime if you screw up BUT then you have to have norplant until you can be trusted with your romantic instincts.

    • WhipTail commented on Jul 30

      And don’t forget the millions of miscarriages, stillborn babies and infants that die before the age of 2. The poor suffer disproportionately from these heartbreaking events. When those who advocate for the pre-born advocate as vigorously for the post-born, especially those in poverty, then maybe they will have some credibility.

    • wisconjon commented on Jul 30

      +1 for WhipTail. “If you’re pre-born you’re fine; if you’re pre-school, you’re f-d.” – George Carlin

  3. catman commented on Jul 28


  4. HoldYourHorses commented on Jul 29

    Really? Seems completely believable. Sad and absurd, but believable.

  5. bigsteve commented on Jul 29

    As a child one of the sounds of Christmas morning was the bang bang of Christmas presents young boys had just gotten being discharged in back yards.. So I am deeply steeped in the gun culture. Saying that we have an epidemic of gun violence. No where else in the develop world is even close. We need to change our culture and add some sensible additional regulation. A gun owner should have to take a course on gun safety and carry liability insurance in case his fire arm causes unlawful harm to others. It goes without saying all gun purchases should have the buyers screened to make sure they are mentally competent and do not have a back ground of violent behaviour. Unfortunately some purchases are not legally required to be screened. And ammo clips do not need to be overly large either. You do not need a large capacity clip to hunt with, target practice or defend yourself. Only real warriors in combat need those not regular citizens. I am a strong proponent on gun ownership rights. But the NRA has change from an education organization to a lobby for the gun industry. They no longer represent the views of responsible gun owners.

    • intlacct commented on Jul 29

      Training, why so and so did it, etc. are side shows. Ban automatic weapons and you will be the country that you share a 1,500 mile border with that has nil of these incidents.

    • just-sayin commented on Jul 30

      @intlacct, As a Canadian I assume you are referring to my country. I wish it were that easy. It is more than just regulation, it requires a ‘cultural shift’ in American Society along with an elimination of guns (or drastic reduction). The majority of Americans feel they need a gun to protect themselves from all the crazies with guns. In Canada, we don’t have so many guns and people in general don’t feel that they will be shot on any given day by some gun nut. The US could be a much better country without the guns….’Bowling for Columbine’ has a good segment on Canadian attitudes to guns.

  6. AHodge commented on Jul 29

    Weekends are popular

  7. JohnathanStein commented on Jul 30

    @bigsteve — Will criminals will buy liability insurance, take safety courses and pass screenings?

    • WhipTail commented on Jul 30

      Same old “logic” year after year: criminals won’t obey the law. By that logic we shouldn’t have any laws at all because law breakers won’t follow them. There are a number of problems. The NRA does represent gun and ammo manufacturers not gun owners. Most member don’t realize they’ve become brainwashed pawns but one can tell by the drone like repetitions of their mantras. The elevation of guns to god-like status is another problem. All rights have limits including those of the 2nd Amendment. Eventually sanity will return but I fear it will have to get worse before it gets better.

    • formerlawyer commented on Jul 30

      How much worse than Sandy Hook?

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