Trends in Groundwater Storage from NASA

Source: NASA

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  1. theexpertisin commented on Jul 1

    All the black is water. Is not the solution obvious?

    Process it into potable water or water suitable for agriculture/industrial and build infrastructure to move it. Besides, with climate change raising sea levels, this may also solve that hypothetical issue as well.

  2. TheTruth commented on Jul 1

    Too bad NASA can’t detect how much of this water has been compromised by fracking, but unfortunately this requires water sampling using expensive and complex analysis equipment. It’s getting to be that almost every month we’re seeing a new peer-reviewed publication showing well water contamination, such as arsenic and hydrocarbons, near fracking sites. Yet industry and government regulators, controlled by financial contributions from industry downplay the seriousness of this contamination, just like the tobacco industry did in the 1950s.
    If we don’t start taking appropriate action to prevent aquifer contamination by fracking, we may soon find huge regions permanently without usable well water.

  3. bear_in_mind commented on Jul 2

    A few observations:

    1) Thank goodness that the Amazon basin is remaining well supplied! That’s part of the Earh’s “lungs” and we’re going to need as much of what’s left of those rainforests in the coming decades;

    2) MENA can’t catch a break;

    3) When you consider how much of the world’s food production from the many arable lands comes from a relatively small slice of the Earth called California, it ought to make people very appreciative for their blessings -and- very anxious that there’s such a delicate balance holding this trend together.

    Some of the biggest factors where we can exert some control (i.e. land and water use) we’re failing to manage well, so I hope our luck continues AND we wise-up about 50 IQ points to achieve an intentional measure of stasis.

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