10 Friday AM Reads

What a week! You are almost to the goal line. Our morning train reads will see you through:

• Computers are the new Dumb Money (TRBsee also How ETF investors messed up during this week’s market scramble (Yahoo Finance)
• Hedge Funds Bruised by Stocks’ Meltdown: A tumble in share prices stunned many hedge-fund managers and erased the year’s gains for some (WSJsee also When to ditch an underperforming hedge fund (FT)
• Risk: Your Best Friend and Worst Enemy (Motley Fool)
• Now’s the right time for Yellen to kill the ‘Greenspan put’ (Marketwatchsee also Reminder: Stocks Go Up AND Down . . . (TBP) 
• The Beatles’ 10 Greatest Guitar Moments (Guitar World)

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  1. VennData commented on Aug 28

    “..When to ditch an underperforming hedge fund…”

    At the pitch meeting

  2. VennData commented on Aug 28

    BR’s article on “gut feel” is all the more descriptive of these Guy Adami types who are so sure of themselves but continuously, perpetually, completely, utterly wrong.

    Their “indicators” indicate nothing.

    I pity you if you listened to him and other Nostradamus entrail readers who have taken the good life away from you.

    To those who cling to their ideological nonsense, you get what you deserve.

    • VennData commented on Aug 28

      If the ideologues realized that the market deserves a higher multiple BECAuSE we have sustainable growth, they would invest. We don’t need growth pumped to 3%-plus. Every time we do that we end up with a recession.

      We need steady, smooth, Obama-like 2.5% to 3% growth to continue the Obama rally.

      if Jeb Bush wants to shoot for the stars for 4% growth and work American to death and leverage up the economy like his smarter brother’s Ownership Society, I don’t want him anywhere NEAR the levers of power.

    • VennData commented on Aug 28

      I’d like to see Melissa Lee invite and computer algorithm onto Fast Money. Feed in her question about the future and see what the computer says.

  3. VennData commented on Aug 28

    If you want Trump out, take away the IRS loophole that allows elected and appointed politicians a deferred capital gains tax on things they have to sell once they enter office.


    If fact that would more than make up for the “important” legislation co-sponsered by candidate Rubio and more somewhat nutty Senator Mark Kirk to curtail payments to ex-presidents. Joni Ernst the castrator from Iowa is on this one too, so you right wing anti-pork feminists should get on board.


    Trump’s Sagan-esque billions and billions should be plenty to pay for our ex-commander-in-chief security, safety, health, and continued helpfulness for their fellow man.

    C’mon establishment GOP, use your weapons!

    • VennData commented on Aug 28

      VennData agrees Coach. Tim Tebow would be an excellent quarterback if he knew how to throw.

  4. Sandy B. commented on Aug 28

    Daniel Yergin’s opinions on energy seem very odd to me. Solar’s at 1% now and he thinks it’s going to go to 4 to 9% “by 2040”. It doubled three times in roughly the last six years, he tells us. A factor of 70 in the last 11 years, he tells us. And now it’s going to double three more times in the next 25 years… for reasons. Every exponential levels off somewhere, but you can’t just say it’s going to slow down hard as if the math were obvious.

    • noncist commented on Aug 28

      I’m pretty familiar with the current state of energy production/projections and that article seems generally accurate based on what I know.

      The key piece you’re missing is that the energy pie is growing exponentially as well, it’s not a zero-sum game. 1% in 2040 is quite a bit more kWh than 1% in 2015. Note that the figures you’re referring to are for the world as a whole. There will likely be quite a bit of electrification in India and Africa between now and 2040.

      As Dr. Yergin states toward the end, efficiency will be essential since that impacts the value of all electricity. He does switch between national and world perspective quite a bit, which can be confusing.

  5. VennData commented on Aug 28

    Iran Deal Opens a Vitriolic Divide Among American Jews

    “…The animus is hard to miss. On his Facebook page, Mr. Nadler has been called a kapo: a Jew who collaborated with Nazis in the World War II death camps. One writer said he had “blood on his hands.” Another said he had “facilitated Obama’s holocaust…”


    More right wing nuts predicting the future.

    • reedsch commented on Aug 28

      Yessir the Chamberlain/Munich comparisons have been putting in some serious overtime.

      The more interesting angle is how MAD won’t work with Iran, because they are nuts…

      But mefinds the religiously committed in abundance on multiple sides.

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