10 Monday AM Reads

Welcome back to the monkey house, and the start of a new week of volatility. No worries, we have your backs with our last week of the summer, morning train reads:

• Hawkish Rumblings (Tim Duy’s Fed Watchsee also Fed’s Fischer: ‘Good Reason’ to Think U.S. Inflation Will Move Higher (WSJ)
• Are You a “Ben Graham Defensive Investor”? (Research Affiliates)
• A ‘Black Swan’ Fund Made $1 Billion This Week: As market collapsed, hedge-fund firm Universa Investments gained roughly 20% on Monday (WSJ)
• The 25 Most Promising Jobs For Millennials (Forbessee also Rethinking Work (NYT)
• No, 1 in 7 people on Earth Did Not Use Facebook on Monday (Statistical Ideas)

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    • VennData commented on Aug 31

      Typical anti-article board, paint and construction industry bias you find on this site.

      — Montana Bricklayers For Koch

    • VennData commented on Aug 31

      Obama to take Reagan’s face off Rushmore!!!

    • ilsm commented on Aug 31

      I have been calling that large hill in Alaska “Denali” for over 40 years.

      Since I first saw it.

    • VennData commented on Aug 31

      Can you imagine how much fun Obama had plotting this guessing exactly what the GOP Media Machine will say?

      It will take their attention off Trump long enough for him to get the nomination and tell all teh GOP genuflectors who he intends to raise taxes on the rich as they cheer

  1. jwagner commented on Aug 31

    Yes, we really need that wall here in Wisconsin. Those damn canucks fueled by caffeine and sugar from Tim Horton’s canoe across the lake (Superior) and take our jobs and steal our women. Walker’s wall WILL extend across the Great Lakes to protect us, right?

    • rd commented on Aug 31

      I don’t think a wall across the lakes would be cost-effective. A minefield should do along with carp trained to attack swimmers. The mines should be effective against both boats and snowmobiles across the ice.

  2. rd commented on Aug 31

    Molycorp bankruptcy creating a national security crisis?


    Two comments:

    1. The Defence Department could purchase the mine assets for a song as a Strategic Reserve; and

    2. Recycle old electronics here in the US and retain the rare earths here as part of a strategic reserve. Let the Chinese mine them and sell them to us in peacetime while we retain a reserve.

    Neither will happen because it would require long-term strategic thinking, be government interference in the markets, and it would create jobs in the US instead of the Third World.

    • VennData commented on Aug 31

      And there’s plenty rare earth materials. The Chinese just have it in cheap, easy places to scoop it up.

    • VennData commented on Aug 31

      Example: Should that so-and-so illegal occupant of the once-great White House abuse the ability to name and un-name as he sees fit? Where will it end?! Do you think that so-and-so should be able to change YOUR name, Dr Carlson?

    • willid3 commented on Aug 31

      yeah what ever happened to states rights? after all, a state the farthest from you should be able to name all of the land marks in your state right? Its no different than allowing slave holding states to be able to come and kidnap people in your state just because they look vaguely like a slave or like one they would like to have

    • VennData commented on Aug 31

      Megyn Kelly: Mr Trump, can you give us some example of when you bankrupted your casinos how you prevented their names from being changed by multicultural liberals?

  3. willid3 commented on Aug 31

    so what are the ‘good reasons’ for inflation will go higher? with oil just about on edge of another collapse, and eventually that will end up with lower gas prices. housing is going up (at least rent is, not so sure about buying). so what else is going up? cable? phone?

    • rd commented on Aug 31

      Not signaling within 100 feet of a turn on a suburban street requires automatic penalties because of the imminent threat of societal collapse if this is flaunted. Banks however need to be immune from all laws because they might hamper their profitability which would interfere with their ability to hire lobbyists, make campaign contributions, or Super PAC donations.


    • willid3 commented on Aug 31

      and any thing that threatens them is a threat to the world economy. if you dont believe that, just ask them, they will tell you.

  4. readerOfTeaLeaves commented on Aug 31

    Mostly a drive by thank you to Barry Ritholtz for the terrific Masters in Business podcasts. They’re making my walks and yard work a real pleasure.

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