10 Sunday Reads

Good Sunday morn. Round out your weekend with these expert hand curated reads:

• Macro Markets Risk Index: US Trend Remains Modestly Positive (Capital Spectator) see also As Fed Rate Rise Nears, Traders Obsess Over Data (WSJ)
• Swedroe: ‘Gurus’ Without A Clue (ETF.com)
• It’s Amazon’s World. The USPS Just Delivers in It (Bloomberg)
• 10 Quick Topics to Brighten Your Summer (Motley Fool)
•  Financial Twitter’s Walking Dead (Malice For All)
• Myths about millennials (The Economist)
• Thirteen Percent of U.S. Homes with a Mortgage Have Negative Equity in Q2 (World Property Journal)
• Krugman: China’s Naked Emperors (NYT)
• In America, mass incarceration has caused more crime than it’s prevented (Quartz)
• Why the Dark Side of the Force Had to Be Dark (Nautilus)
 Apple Music’s Strategy Is No-Paywall Premieres, Not Exclusives (TechCrunch) see also Apple, BMW in courtship with an eye on car collaboration (Reuters)

What’s for brunch?


European Banks Are Now Scaling Back

Source: WSJ


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    • jeff in indy commented on Aug 3

      Mom and dad are gone. I’m the one now rapidly approaching the cliff and our political class, both sides, haven’t a practical clue. You spend a lot time bloviating and blaming, so what’s your solution?

  1. Jojo commented on Aug 2

    Why is the Scale of the Universe so Freakishly Large?
    George Dvorsky

    “Space is big,” said Douglas Adams. “You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-boggingly big it is.” But why must this be so? And why does our Universe exhibit such tremendous scale, from the very tiny to the extremely large? Here are some possible answers.
    From Micro to Macro

    It’s hard to wrap our heads around the size of our galaxy, let alone the Universe. At 100,000 light-years across, it would take the New Horizons space probe—the fastest object ever launched by humans—some 1,844,000,000 years to travel from one side of the Milky Way to the other (it’s currently moving away from Pluto at 58,536 km/h or 36,373 mph).

    But there are structures even larger than single galaxies. Back in 2013, astronomers discovered a concentration of galaxy clusters stretching some 10-billion light-years across. There are also cosmic filaments to consider—massive strands of rarefied and highly ionized gas which stretch like spider webs across the observable Universe linking galaxy clusters across billions upon billions of light-years. And then there’s the Universe as a whole, an expanse of expanding space that appears to be about 92 billion light-years in diameter. And that’s just the observable Universe.



  2. VennData commented on Aug 2

    McConnell was just up on CSPAN saying that the reason we don’t have a long-term highway infrastructure bill is because the Democrats in Congress refused to allow a vote on it.

    Yeah because the GOP attached a rider that defunded Obamacare.

    How do people keep falling for their nonsense? When is the press going to say right to their faces that the GOP attached that unpalatable rider?

    Media. Move all of your sportswriters and get them on the Republicans.

  3. rd commented on Aug 2

    Hitchbot hitchhiked 4,000 miles across Canada in less than 4 weeks. However, it failed to get past Philadelphia after starting in Massachusetts in an attempt to hitchhike across the US. It appears to have been mugged in Philly and its battery destroyed so that its GPS and communications are now non-functional.

    This has been a test of AI and how humans interact with robots and AI. It appears that humans may have failed the Turing test by demonstrating they are less intelligent.


    • just-sayin commented on Aug 2

      This story points to some of the obvious (to some) differences in life,in general, between the US and Canada (and Europe), Hitchbot also made it unscathed through Germany and I believe Holland.

    • thegonch commented on Aug 3

      If the robot can’t survive Philadelphia, which its citizens manage to do, it just means there is more work to be done.

  4. kernelpanic commented on Aug 2

    “privatize the gains and socialize the losses”.

    You have to laugh – “Wah, wah. Open markets are the way to go. Get the government off our backs. Deregulate us and set us free. … Wah, wah. Oops, wait., So sorry. Strike that. It’s not working out the way we planned [because the ‘smartest in the room’ planned poorly]. We need regulation to cover up just how bad we actually are. Please force the consumer to pay for our mistakes.”


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