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Markets continue to digest the Will They? Won’t They? Fed minutes, currency devaluation, and other noisy information. We have you covered in a very fine set of morning train reads:

• This is how the Federal Reserve is preparing to raise interest rates (Washington Post)
• The genius of Warren Buffett in 23 quotes (Marketwatch)
• The Asian Century Hits a Speed Bump (Bloombergsee also Do markets determine the value of the RMB? (China Financial Markets)
• What’s in the Ashley Madison database that hackers released online (Quartz)
• Of Solar Bond-age (Medium)

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  1. RW commented on Aug 20

    How Well-Structured Is Our Federal Reserve, Anyway?

    When we think about what the Federal Reserve is doing right now, we need to consider four questions …:

    1. Is the Federal Reserve properly implementing the monetary policy strategy the FOMC has decided upon?

    2. Is the monetary policy strategy the FOMC has decided upon the right strategy …?

    3. Has the Congress given the Federal Reserve …the right mandate?

    4. Has Congress created the right institutional structure …?

    I would argue that the answers to all four of these questions are: “No.” ….

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Aug 20

      I have no opinion at all on #1, but agree with you in mounting fervor on #2 ,#3, and #4.

      On #2, Congress has not only abdicated its responsibility but acted to aggravate the economic situation, so i tend to give a pass to the FED for trying to fix the economy which really needs increased federal spending. On #3, the FED should be responsible for employment and growth only. Tax policy should be used to curb inflation. #4, the FED should be fully integrated into the Executive branch and abandon private ownership by the banks.

  2. rd commented on Aug 20

    Baby Boomers selling their businesses:

    I can only assume that the stats below from the article are why the Republican Party is making such a concerted effort to attract minorities and women during this Presidential election cycle since the Republican Party IS the Party of Small Business.

    “The sellers tend to be Caucasian males,” said Bob House, the general manager of BizBuySell.com. “The buyers are younger and increasingly diverse.” A study on buyers that BizBuySell.com commissioned last year found some sharp demographic differences. More than 30 percent of those from age 30 to 49 describe themselves as black, Asian or Hispanic, compared with just 8 percent of those over 65. Women are also more heavily represented in the younger generation. Nine percent of the buyers over 65 in the study were women, compared with more than 20 percent of those under 49.

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Aug 20

      “the Republican Party is making such a concerted effort to attract minorities and women during this Presidential election cycle” ???? Have you actually listened to Trump and Walker?

    • VennData commented on Aug 20

      Woman LIKE being put down. Brown skin folks know their place. You can’t expect them to run before they crawl!

      I support Walker who has been consistently on message since he left university.

    • rd commented on Aug 20

      The GOP put out a major report in early 2013 that outlined a roadmap for reaching out to and including minorities and women. The current candidates are not following these recommendations? After all, one of their current leading candidates is a successful businessman who would not want to alienate both future voters AND customers.


  3. RW commented on Aug 20

    U.S. Economic Prospects: Secular Stagnation, Hysteresis, and the Zero Lower Bound

    The nature of macroeconomics has changed dramatically in the last seven years. Now, instead of being concerned with minor adjustments to stabilize about a given trend, concern is focused on avoiding secular stagnation. Much of this concern arises from the long-run effects of short-run developments and the inability of monetary policy to accomplish much more when interest rates have already reached their lower bound. This address analyzes contemporary macroeconomic problems and proposes solutions to put the U.S. economy back on a path toward healthy growth.

  4. VennData commented on Aug 20

    Luddites HATE their predictions haven’t been right

    “…The CNBC interviewer asked in amazement whether he really believed the official GDP figures underestimated growth. Hatzius said “yes.” And the NYSE traders booed. Loudly…”


    What are these guys doing on the floor?!

    Ridiculous relics. If they knew what they were doing they’d be up in an office somewhere managing more capital, not running around like auto mechanics between garage lifts booing GDP measurement analysis.

    • rd commented on Aug 20

      Its ok. They will be replaced by computers within a few years.

    • VennData commented on Aug 20

      And what are these vestigial floor traders DOING standing around watching CNBC?

  5. willid3 commented on Aug 20

    is rent the only thing saving us from deflation?

    • rd commented on Aug 20

      You missed the efficiency that arose from a private sector company controlling costs by using PRC citizens in PRC to help manage the federal government’s personnel database. That cost containment would never have been possible if civil servants in the US were used.

  6. VennData commented on Aug 20

    American economy blues: Everything you need to worry about – Fortune


    Republicans, especially the current line up of Presidential hopefuls, GOP commenters, right wingers and the Tea Party Media types need to apologize to Present Obama and America.

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