Campaign Cash

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Source: Bloomberg


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  1. spudvol commented on Aug 3

    Given the current state of the GOP, Trump may be too bigoted to fail.

  2. jeff in indy commented on Aug 3

    What’s really interesting is that this table, and those that will be updated just prior to the election, regardless of side, will depict significantly larger fundraising numbers and shows just how much my vote doesn’t mean anything anymore. It’s no longer, and probably has been that way for years, that our vote means anything more than the dollar (or maybe the yuan, ruble or drachma (haha!) that bought it. Haven’t voted in the last 3 presidential elections simply because I believe no one deserved my vote.

    signed, Still Looking

    • formerlawyer commented on Aug 4

      This is the problem in a nutshell. Failing to vote should result in the loss of the right to complain.

      Vote Cthulhu – the lesser of two evils /s

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