Corporate Guidance

Source: Dilbert

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  1. willid3 commented on Aug 31

    hm. does it sound like executive pay?
    they do take large risks . and the shareholders arent always aware that they did. till the company is in bankruptcy. but then executives still win. odd how that works out huh?
    they are the bosses. so they dont have any. so no chaos from that any way. but pay caps dont apply to them (and they pick the performance goals through their ‘selected’ pay consultants. same group also selects the pay method. course one of their goals is the stock price. and their pay? is in stock. and they can even get the company to goose it by having it by back stock. almost a no loose situation except for those large risks they take to help goose the stock price)

  2. rd commented on Aug 31

    Pretty much every company I have ever worked for has used the “entrepreneur” fad-babble at some point and then immediately hammers it back down into the ground with exactly the points brought out in this cartoon.

    My basic test of corporate memos are whether or not the jargon used in them has showed up frequently in the past 24 months in Fortune magazine etc. If so, then it is just another fad that will blow over before people have even read the memo. If not, then it potentially has staying power as it indicates that somebody in management thought about it longer than 30 minutes.

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