July was the hottest month in Earth’s hottest year on record so far

Source: Washington Post

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  1. DrSandman commented on Aug 26

    I don’t know if you are ignorant or deceitful. July 2015 was only the 8th warmest July since 1979, according to NOAA. RSS global satellite data shows July 1998 was much hotter.


    ADMIN: This chart says “July is the hottest month in the hottest year.”

    It does not say it is the hottest July ever.

    Are you innumerate or do you lack basic reading comprehensions skills?

    • Low Budget Dave commented on Aug 26

      Not only that, but he is also incorrect. The “8th warmest July” quote only applies to average LAND temperature. Since the average sea temperature was much higher than 2008, the combined average (for the whole planet) is the all-time highest monthly temperature since recordkeeping started in 1880, (at 61.86°F, or 16.61°C).

      But he would have had to read an article in the news to know that.

    • DeDude commented on Aug 26

      Yep, Dr. Sandman went to his right wing website where the oil industry can always find and post on some parameter somewhere in the world that is colder than average. Don’t worry because in Plutowille AK the frost came 3 days early this year, so just keep sending our money to the oil companies and other terrorist organizations.

    • ComradeAnon commented on Aug 26

      I’m sure Dr Sandman reads. Some of the best denial sites out there. But that’s all he or she reads. The Dr suffers from whats known as Epistemic Closure.

    • KDawg commented on Aug 26

      I’d hate to further irritate the admin, but the title does lead one to believe it was claiming both the hottest month and the hottest year.

      While by accident, it is similar to the word parsing of right wing propaganda.

      For example, people complaining about the black cloud from diesel emissions:

      Right Wing: “Oh, that doesn’t contribute to smog. Don’t worry about it.”

      Normal Wing: “Diesel emissions have way more NOX than gasoline emissions and that’s one of the main contributors to smog.”

      Right Wing: “That’s not the black cloud that you see! Try reading!”

      Technically accurate, but misleading. The black cloud is particulate matter. It probably is what makes diesel emissions carcinogenic, but it doesn’t contribute to smog. That stuff is either invisible or brownish.

  2. MarkKlose commented on Aug 26

    I don’t know why you responded with indignation and the line-out of Dr. Sandman’s comment. It was perfectly in keeping with your policy that comments “…argue against things I have neither said nor implied”

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