Shifting Demographics Could Change Elections In Key States

Red, blue and … purple? Changing demographics could make a major difference in the next election in some key states.

Source: Brilliant Maps

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  1. pk de cville commented on Aug 15

    Can this map be updated with electoral votes per state?

    • jashead commented on Aug 15

      Or at least some useful information in addition to the pretty colors.

    • Al_Czervik commented on Aug 16

      That information would be helpful but I think the takeaway from this map is that a small handful of states will be the focus of a lot of spending, campaigning, and voter mobilization/suppression. For Democrats hoping to improve representation in congress and at the state level, that is not promising.

  2. Willy2 commented on Aug 17

    – VERY interesting charts. It only confirms that the percentage of US cititzens with Europeans descent is decreasing. No surprise here.
    – Too many people assume that an increasing Hispanic & Asian percentage of US citizens is good for the Democrats. I doubt it, it could also mean that we could see more Republican election victories.

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