The Wealthiest ZIP Codes in America

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Source: Visual Capitalist

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  1. jdjed commented on Aug 19

    Hmm, not sure if these data are reliable. One of those Dallas zips is for a downtown block of office buildings yet no zips for areas in Big D with plenty of centimillionaires and billionaires.

  2. CharlesJefferson commented on Aug 19

    Interesting, but I recognize several of those as post office box zip codes, meaning they are just mailing addresses, not residences. I wouldn’t call Fresno a city on a hilltop.

  3. dcg commented on Aug 19

    probably trust accounts with a central city bank trust department as custodian and address of record.

  4. Molesworth commented on Aug 19

    93778 in Fresno, CA is a Post Office zip code within 93706
    Here are the demographics for 93706:,zipcode,93706.cfm

    That doesn’t appear to be a wealthy community, so hmmm.
    One very rich person in Fresno? Several stinking rich farmers. Assad’s secret po box?
    (Assad’s brother lives in LA area and a bunch of relatives have moved in.)

    • kaleberg commented on Aug 19

      93778 is a post office box zip code, so it is just a mail drop. Odds are it the mail drop used by the owner’s of a lot of the local agribusinesses. Large scale farmers may not pay their help all that well, but they are often quite well off themselves. Odds are Fresno, being the largest city in the region, has a huge catchment of well off, or as you put it, stinking rich, farmers.

  5. kaleberg commented on Aug 19

    BR posted a similar article not very long ago. For the readers surprised by some of the wealthy zip codes, the trick is that a lot of them are small areas or office buildings which wealthy people use as their mailing address. For example, one zip code is 30 Rock in Manhattan, most likely the address of a lot of highly paid executives and entertainers. Another zip code in Manhattan covers a few blocks that include the headquarters of Major League Baseball and a lot of player management firms. I remember that one zip code in the mid-west included several blocks containing a number of banks and investment management firms.

  6. xynz commented on Aug 20

    Something isn’t right.

    NM Zip 87544 is home to Los Alamos National Laboratory and its bedroom community, White Rock. 87544 encompasses all of Los Alamos county: the richest county in NM with median household income in excess of $100K. This map’s highest NM income zips all have average incomes less than $100K. I know that median isn’t the same as average; but because of wealth and income disparity in the USA, the average is always higher than the median….so Los Alamos will have average incomes in excess of $100K.

  7. CheeseburgerBob commented on Aug 20

    I agree with others. 37450 Chattanooga is a few blocks in downtown with 1 residence and 47 business addresses, crowding out upper income suburbs of Nashville and Chattanooga.
    The data is misleading or incorrect in its conclusions.

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