10 Friday AM Reads

None and done? We will see. Meanwhile, here are my morning train plane reads:

• Central Banks’ Discover some guy named Keynes was right after all: Easy Money Alone Isn’t a Growth Salve (WSJ)
• When rates rise (FT) but see Seven Things That ZIRP Did for the Corporate Bond Market (Bloomberg)
• Going for broke: When athletes lose it all (CBS)
• The Story Behind the Emerging-Market Meltdown (Bloomberg View)
• We’re on the Brink of a Revolution in Crazy-Smart Digital Assistants (Wired)
• Not Up for Debate: The Science Behind Vaccination (The Upshot)
• Difference between journalists who write narratives drawn from campaign sources + those who build coverage on data (NY Mag) see also Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump are both right: They’re both pretty terrible at business (Quartz)
• Chili Peppers Could Be the Secret to Killing Cancer (Vice)
• The Most Thrilling Cars From the Frankfurt Motor Show, in Pictures (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?



Sector and Stock Performance Since Last Fed Rate Hike
Source: Bespoke

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  1. VennData commented on Sep 18

    “Obama was the WORST President ever, but I made a lot of money.”

    – Ken Langone on CNBC today.

    • VennData commented on Sep 18

      “Obama is a Muslim” – Trump supporter.

      “Right” – Trump

      The minds of right wing nut like Langone, Trump and The GOP Base are filled with nonsense.

    • willid3 commented on Sep 18

      well some one has to represent them dont they?

  2. Iamthe50percent commented on Sep 18

    Looks like they will never raise interest rates. G-S must like it that way. QE is now the universal tool.

    • VennData commented on Sep 18

      Low interest rates is not QE. The Fed’s QE is over

      Markets rates are already up, Fed Rates will go up soon.

  3. VennData commented on Sep 18

    Gov. Rauner threatens to halt health insurance payments to providers for state workers

    “…​The Rauner administration previously told lawmakers that the impasse would not affect their health, dental and life insurance. The administration passed that information on to lawmakers, several of whom have posted it on their websites…”​


    Does Bruce “I want to rip the economic guts out of Indiana” Rauner think Indiana will die because they don’t provide a health insurance scheme for their workers? Is that why they get all the $6/hr jobs in Terre Haute?

    If you’re a Trump Supporter, come see Illinois, where we have a Trumpian governor.

  4. Init4good commented on Sep 18

    If you look at demographics, the roughly 20 years worth of interest rate reduction came at a time that will never again be repeated in this country any time soon. That is the birth, growth, house hungry stage, consumption-fueled period and current maturation of the greatest baby boom the world has ever seen. Folks, like it or not we’re back to 1950-esque interest rates until the demand for money rises. There is a current baby boomlet which is just now entering the workforce. They haven’t yet been able to afford much house ownership, but that’s coming. The difference this time around is that the demand for money will not be as large in amplitude; it will be much more muted. Therefore the interest rate rise will be very slow indeed to match the population’s demands at specific points in time. Growth in the economy is largely caused by growth in population. The drag is exacerbated by the lack of growth in wages (median) and the movement of good paying jobs away from the US.

    • willid3 commented on Sep 18

      maybe. but considering that we have reduced the number of entry level jobs for them to get, it will take lot longer for them to have a similar impact.

    • Init4good commented on Sep 19

      Yes, another reason why interest rates will not be going up beyond 3-5%.

  5. realoldguy commented on Sep 18

    I’m just an amateur here who’s interested in financial news… but since 2008, whenever the Fed announces that it won’t be raising rates quite yet it’s like somebody from the back room has come out and refilled the punchbowl — it’s still cheap to borrow money (presumably to buy stocks) and the market goes up! So what happened this week? Does anybody have a clue other than the usual “anxieties about China”?

  6. Jojo commented on Sep 18

    California governor sends Ben Carson a thumbdrive with climate change report
    “Please use your considerable intelligence to review this material.”
    by Cyrus Farivar – Sep 14, 2015 6:45 pm UTC

    California’s governor has provided presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson with “overwhelming evidence” of climate change, something that the Republican candidate claimed does not exist.

    Last week, Carson appeared in San Francisco as part of his campaigning schedule. At an event, he addressed why the “climate change debate” remains, in his view, “irrelevant.” In a tweet published later in the week, Gov. Jerry Brown (D) posted a picture of this letter sent to the retired neurosurgeon.

    Dear Dr. Carson,

    I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to the Golden State. It’s come to my attention that while you were here you said the following regarding climate science:

    “I know there are a lot of people who say ‘overwhelming science,’ but then when you ask them to show the overwhelming evidence, they never show it…There is no overwhelming science that the things that are going on are man-caused and not naturally caused. Gimmie a break.”

    Please find enclosed a flash drive with the complete United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) “Synthesis Report,” the concluding installment of the Fifth Assessment Report, published earlier this year. This report assessed over 30,000 scientific papers and was written by more than 800 scientists, representing 80 countries around the world, who definitively concluded that: “…human influence on the climate system is clear and growing, with impacts observed across all continents and oceans.”



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