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My morning train atonement reads:

• Santoli: No, the Fed is not driving the markets (Yahoo Finance) but see Fundamentals are only half the story (Reformed Broker)
• Investing from a simple premise (Abnormal Returns)
• Volkswagen’s appalling clean diesel scandal, explained (Voxsee also Volkswagen’s Disastrous American Strategy (Bloomberg View)
• The Risk of a Billion-Dollar Valuation in Silicon Valley (Dealbook)
•  The Ballad of a Wall Street Research Analyst, Told by Brad Hintz (Bloomberg) see also Wall Street Cracks Down on Free Sharing of Analysts’ Notes (Bloomberg)
• In 10 years, banking will look like a sci-fi film (Telegraph)
• Neuroscience backs up the Buddhist belief that “the self” isn’t constant, but ever-changing (Quartz)
• Exxon’s Own Research Confirmed Fossil Fuels’ Role in Global Warming Decades Ago (Inside Climate News) see also Exxon Believed Deep Dive Into Climate Research Would Protect Its Business (Inside Climate News)
• Political Split Awaits Pope Francis on Eve of U.S. Visit (NYT)
• BrightScope Updates List of the Top 100 Most Social Financial Advisors (Sys Con)

What are you reading?



Bonds for Buybacks

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  1. rd commented on Sep 23

    Re: Sci-fi banking

    This may occur in First World countries like Europe, Canada, and Japan but Second World countries like the US that are still struggling with the banking concept that using chips in credit cards is a good idea, along with protecting customer data in their databanks, as well as having adequate Internet connections (land or cellular) will struggle to get beyond the fiction part.

    • VennData commented on Sep 23

      “But you poor folks have it made”

      – Jaime Dimon

  2. willid3 commented on Sep 23

    hm, so just how many people would we need to have to just keep our current world going?

    maybe a billion?
    it would stagnate but current technology might be kept going.

    course there is that meme of going back to a simpler time.

    such a time would be when more were involved in just getting the food to live (an example was the Roman empire where about 99% of all people wee involved in just food production, to about 1900 where about 20-30% of the population were involved). is this really what we want? then there is that self sufficiency, this is that we can all stand on our 2 feet, with no help from any one. hasnt really been true in a very long time, but some seem to think it was just a few years ago.

    • willid3 commented on Sep 23

      the other thing to this debacle is that it will hit German economy, VW is a large employer, and parts makes that supply them will also be impacted. but it might also impact the other German car makes along with the German’s reputation could also be trashed

    • VennData commented on Sep 23

      The GOP has recovered from Hoover, Reganonmics, Bush/Cheney. All it talks is VOLUME

    • willid3 commented on Sep 23

      and politicians have lots of volume. and hot air

  3. willid3 commented on Sep 23

    whats not noted it the VW scandal is that all of the testing is done by the car companies them selves, its part of the self regulating theme that the US has had for decades (pushed by business who doesnt want some looking over their shoulder, and by government because they would have to have a lot of employees to do the work, or maybe they would out source that to China). as to whether any one gets prosecuted, maybe, depends on who did the work, and where they live. since its software, it could have been done just about any where (like the US, Germany, India, oh and China). and the ones ordering the work? probably In Germany

    now i wonder if FIAT will push to take over VW and give up on GM

  4. VennData commented on Sep 23

    Planned Parenthood tries in vain to get Carly Fiorina to retract video claim


    ​The Media-certified “Winner” of the 2nd GOP debate stands on her principles.

    Anybody who said she won the debate thinks it’s OK to lie, as long as you do it with abrasiveness.

  5. formerlawyer commented on Sep 23

    “A bombed city can be rebuilt, but a destroyed country, abandoned by those who want to live a life of dignity, work and raise children, is a different story”
    Syria’s doom

    Inequality? Blame Reagan

    Happy Birthday’s copyright is invalid.

    Google asked by French court to delete access in other countries under the “Right to Forget” doctrine.

  6. RW commented on Sep 23

    Jeb Bush Has No Clue About Business Regulation

    Jeb Bush today in the Wall Street Journal:

    To understand what is wrong with the regulatory culture of the U.S. under President Obama, consider this alarming statistic: Today, according to the World Bank—not exactly a right-wing think tank—the U.S. ranks 46th in the world in terms of ease of starting a business. That is unacceptable. Think what the U.S. could be and the prosperity we could have if we rolled back the overregulation that keeps us from ranking in the top 10.

    …this is completely meaningless. It’s a measure only of how long it takes to register a business, and it’s only for New York City. And even at that, it takes only four days and costs $750. This is not stifling American entrepreneurship.

    …The World Bank does have a broader “Ease of Doing Business” rank that takes into account the things you need to do to get up and running …Where does the US rank on this measure?

    The World Bank has us in 7th place. We’re already in the top ten that Jeb is aiming for. Mission accomplished!

    NB: Politicians lie all the time of course but lying about an easily checked source displays both stupidity and contempt for audience.

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