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• Are Stocks Overpriced? (Servosee also Global Rally Shows Relief at End of $11 Trillion Stocks Meltdown (Bloomberg)
• Is Your Financial Adviser Making Money Off Your Bad Investments? (NYT)
• What it means to be great (Asymco) see also iPhones are great and people love them so Apple clearly needs some advice on how to make iPhones (MacWorld)
• VW warned not to cheat on diesel emissions in 2007, suppressed internal 2011 whistleblower (ExtremeTech)
• With Roca Labs smackdown, the FTC slams non-disparagement clauses for the first time (BoingBoing)

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  1. VennData commented on Sep 30

    Boehner’s likely successor credits Benghazi committee for lowering Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers

    ​​”.. Democrats had always described the May 2014 creation of the Select Committee on Benghazi as a political fishing expedition. All of a sudden, McCarthy was saying so, just to mollify a partisan conservative TV host…”​


    ​​Proud Republican​ hatchetmen.

    • Molesworth commented on Sep 30

      It is a zero sum game and considered fair.
      Remember what Mitch McConnell said? He didn’t stop Obama reelection but their thwarted his progress and help wreck his approval ratings.

    • VennData commented on Sep 30

      Who considers it fair?

      It’s pointless, evil and the families of these god damn Republicans will be called to account for all time. “Your great grandpa was Government shutting, tax-payer-funds wasting Republican? No wonder you’re in a methadone clinic.”

  2. Molesworth commented on Sep 30

    Might the push for higher interest rates from financial institutions include their desire to be able to charge fees on money market funds once again?
    If I had more brain connections I could provide a more intelligent comment … with back up data etc., but don’t know how to improve my brain connections yet.

  3. VennData commented on Sep 30

    The guy who knows better than anyone “downplays” liquidity concerns concocted by the partisans.


    The Liquidty issue is a joke. If YOU own too much of a security (I’m talking to your Qatar investment authority with your “smart” Glencore and VW investments)


    But that’s not going to stop them.


    And there are nice guys too.


    And holding the World Cup.


    And a good friend to Americans.


    Like us!

    (this comment was sponsored by the Qatar Investment Authority)

  4. VennData commented on Sep 30

    Icahn is on CNBC saying “Earnings are a complete Mirage.”

    He should sue the accounting firms. Sue the companies. Sue the CFO’s and CEO’s who the Democrats made personally liable.

    I wonder if he’s short.

  5. rd commented on Sep 30

    Interesting story on why half of Americans don’t have retirement savings – namely, that their employers don’t offer 401k/403b plans at the workplace.

    The big feature with these plans is the automatic payroll deduction. The big difference with this versus outside firms’ IRAs is that there is no starting minimum balance that acts as a significant mental hurdle for many people.

    When my first child graduated from college in the middle of 2009 (not a recommended time if you actually want a job), T Rowe Price at that time offered a plan where you could start a Roth IRA in a Target Date fund with no minimum balance if you signed up for $50/month auto deductions from your bank account. This Roth IRA is still being added to in quantities significantly larger than the $50/month today (on top of a 401k at a full0time job started a couple of years later) so T Rowe Price has probably ended up with a long-term customer with what could easily be a 6 figure account in a decade or two at the price of a small risk of having a small account early on. I am not aware of other firms offering similar programs and I think even T Rowe Price has dialed back on this.


  6. Jojo commented on Sep 30

    Replace your boring protein shake at the gym….
    Bros, There’s Now A Protein-Fortified ‘Fitness Beer.’ Are You Buying It?
    By Paul Sacca • 09.29.15

    Via Supplemental Brewing

    Someone combined a protein shake and a beer? Dafuq is this sorcery?!?! Beers have a shit-ton of empty calories and plenty of carbs, but now there’s something called “fitness beers.” That does not compute.

    Blake Konrardy quit his job at an insurance company to focus on creating the first protein beer. He was inspired because he would often go to the gym after work and before meeting up with friends for some brewskis. That’s when he came up for the idea for these protein-fortified beers.

    He launched Supplemental Brewing and started a Kickstarter to finance his boozy dreams. Konrardy’s motto for his beer is “Where your workout meets your weekend.”


  7. Jojo commented on Sep 30

    First drive: Tesla Model X is an awesome way to spend $132,000
    Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY 2:06 p.m. EDT September 30, 2015

    FREMONT, Calif. — Even having arrived with high expectations, Tesla’s new Model X electric SUV succeeds in a way that is likely to turn to the world of luxury SUVs on its cushy little ear.

    It’s powerful yet whisper quiet. It has has cool, power-lift “falcon doors” over the second row. By now, all the world knows that. But taken together, the raft of innovations in Tesla Model X creates something entirely new. Competitors are left looking like they are wallowing in complacency.

    From Munich to Tokyo to Detroit, we suspect two predictable events are happening this week. One is a sense that that brilliant but crazy, Mars-loving Elon Musk has gone overboard, that he has built a vehicle with far more complexity than his plant workers will be able to handle. Second, and far more telling will be a sense of “why didn’t we think of that?”


    • RW commented on Sep 30

      Berlin airlift got pretty hairy I understand.

  8. DeDude commented on Sep 30

    Trek out the last sentence: “Breivik has previously complained of “inhumane” prison conditions, including that his coffee was being served cold”.


    Those bastards – torturing a poor mass murderer.

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