Porsche Mission E

How crazy cool is this beastie? All electric, all wheel drive, 600hp design study that could very well see the light of day this decade. (Full specs at Porsche newsroom).

Likely to be priced comparatively with the BMW i8 or a fully loaded Tesla, the production car could be quite similar to this concept vehicle.

As we first noted here, electric cars are competitive with high performance gasoline cars — at least for the first 100 miles.











Source: Porsche
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  1. MarkKlose commented on Sep 18

    Very grateful that they didn’t follow the Panamera design language.

    • ComradeAnon commented on Sep 18

      Upvote times a thousand. Perhaps a gasoline version will be offered. What shall we call it?

  2. doug commented on Sep 18

    I will take the ‘over’ on the price. That beast will be very costly. I am glad to see so many big guys chasing Tesla. Competition at its best. Consumers win.

    Unlike the direction in much of the world of consolidation and monopoly mergers where consumers lose.

  3. Paul Mathis commented on Sep 18

    Is the engine behind the rear axle? If not, it’s not a Porsche.

    Do they pipe in fake engine noise that sounds like a Porsche?

    How often do you replace the $100K battery?

    • Barry Ritholtz commented on Sep 18

      You mean its not a 911

      Cayenne, Panamerica, Cayman, Boxster all have engines in front of rear axle

    • Paul Mathis commented on Sep 18

      Ferdinand and Ferry Porsche designed cars with engines behind the rear axle. The other vehicles you mention are VW’s. Neither Ferdinand nor Ferry would ever have designated any of them with their name.

    • DeDude commented on Sep 19

      Ferdinand and Ferry are dead and the world moved on.

  4. haggis commented on Sep 21

    “Ferdinand and Ferry Porsche designed cars with engines behind the rear axle.”

    Porsche designed the 928 in 1973, which was their first front engined, water-cooled car. It was also the first Porsche designed from a “clean sheet” i.e., not simply an evolution based upon components from previous designs. It also formed the basis for engines used in the 944 and 968,

    Ferdinand retired from the company in 1989 and passed away in 1998. He was presented with a 4 door version on his 75th birthday in 1987.

    The 928 was in production for “only” 18 years from 1978 – 1995. Not as successful as the 911 but not bad either!

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