10 Friday AM Reads

The week glides to the finish line. Finish it smartly with our hand-made artisanal morning train reads:

• Hedge funds and the active management crisis (CFA Institute)
• Are Private Equity Returns Overstated? (A Wealth of Common Sense)
• Failed Investment Guy Lenny Dykstra Did Show Flashes Of Creativity (Climateer Investing)
• How to Write a Great Quant Blog (QuantStart)
• Before Paddles Are Even Raised, $1 Billion of Art Already Has Buyers (Bloombergsee also Quiz: Could You Cut It as an Art-Buying Billionaire? (Bloomberg)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Mario Gabelli of GAMCO.

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  1. VennData commented on Oct 30

    Justice Scalia warns that the US Supreme Court is causing the ‘destruction of our democratic system’


    Especially the part about overturning the Voting Rights Act, that’s REALLY making us way, way less democratic


    Thanks for the appointment Reagan! And you GOPers wonder why Americans don’t want bat shit crazy Right Wing Presidents….

    If things are so bad here Scalia, LEAVE. America: Love it or Leave it.

    • rd commented on Oct 30

      I assume that Scalia is putting the Citizens United ruling into the same basket of problematic rulings undermining America that he has put Obergefell.

      I also assume that he means that the Supreme Court rulings should not track public opinion evolution on issues where individual rights would be come expanded because people are realizing that they should be. Apparently his view of democracy is that whoever can purchase enough politicians should be able to dictate policy. http://www.gallup.com/poll/117328/Marriage.aspx

    • willid3 commented on Oct 30

      isnt that the American way?

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Oct 30

      It’s ironic that the President who was elected primarily because his predecessor indulged in useless middle east wars also has a predilection for fighting useless no win middle east wars. Personally, I HOPE that Russia gains control of the Arab oil. Then maybe we can finally move away from oil and gas.

    • VennData commented on Oct 30

      No it’s not ironic. And no that’s not why he was elected.

      Russian’s moved in. We’re balancing them with Special Forces to keep an eye on everything.

      NOW RAISE MY TAXES TO PAY FOR IT unless of course you don’t support the troops.

    • ilsm commented on Oct 30

      US troops’ clones mixing it up with Russian clones is nothing new, another business development scam for the war mongers.

      US shooting at Shiite Muslims is the paradigm, not limited to Thugs of either main stream pentagon parties.

      US must protect Sunni royals from Shiite revenge. Otherwise ARAMCO loses market capital.

      Militarist Keynesian is where Obomber has always been.

      Sanders is no different.

  2. Jojo commented on Oct 30

    Re: Before Paddles Are Even Raised, $1 Billion of Art Already Has Buyers
    There seems to be so much money floating around amid the wealthy that this would appear to be an opportune time to bump taxes on say the top 10% higher.

  3. VennData commented on Oct 30

    More evidence Rand Paul is clueless.

    “…Most money spent in the program is spent on older seniors, not those new to the program. Recent estimates from the Congressional Budget Office suggest that raising the eligibility age from 65 to 67 would save only $19 billion over 10 years, a tiny fraction of the program’s budget, about $500 billion this year alone…”


    Why can’t Republicans use data?

    • willid3 commented on Oct 30

      cause thats too hard. its easier to just make things up

      and no one can challenge them on it without being labeled mean, or main stream media, or some thing

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Oct 31

      Doubled the FICA tax, in fact. But that’s their whole tax policy, cut taxes for the rich, raise them on the working poor. Very Calvinist. Those poor people must be sinners because God didn’t favor them, so they deserve to be scourged.

      Note that the Texas school book authority claims that John Calvin is more important in American history than Thomas Jefferson. Very telling.

    • VennData commented on Oct 30

      …waiting for the tax cut bidding to increase?

    • intlacct commented on Oct 31

      The tax cut bidding reminds me of the South Park Game of Thrones series (maybe season 18?). Someone is crushed so the merchants at the South Park Mall decide to increase discounts to 90%. So the political nostrums of one of the two major parties in the most powerful country on earth strongly resemble the ludicrous plot of a poorly animated cartoon. Nice.

  4. ilsm commented on Oct 30

    “Top GOP Contenders Have a Problem With the Truth”.

    The other guys lie too!!

    The difference is Democrat lies tend to help the 99% rather than increase the .1%’s ripping off.

  5. rd commented on Oct 30

    US government believes in buying high and selling low. In order to raise cash for the recent budget bill, it includes selling oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (since taxes can never, ever be raised to balance a budget). Adjusted for inflation, the oil was purchased for an average of $74/bbl. Recent pricing has been in the mid 40s.


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