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  1. DeDude commented on Oct 5

    Yes that 5 member board has worked so well with other financial regulatory bodies. Lets get it all clogged up so it stops protecting consumers and the banksters can have free passes again.

    Just the list of signatures makes you want to barf.

  2. ByteMe commented on Oct 5

    Why exactly does government oversight and consumer protections need to be “bipartisan”??

    • DeDude commented on Oct 5

      The problem is that right now and probably for an extended future the Presidency is most likely to be held by democrats. So in order to block consumer protection they need a bipartisan board that can deadlock on all decisions preventing banksters from robbing and raping the little guys.

  3. DSS10 commented on Oct 5

    The last Paragraph in the letter above has a major error in the last paragraph. Below is the text with the correction:

    “Overall, the the Banking industry has tremendous responsibility to supervise a multi-trillion dollar industry, which as we have learned, can have an enormous impact on our economy. As such, it is imperative the CFPB ’s governance structure is stable, deliberative, and bipartisan for the sake of the American consumer and the U.S. economy.”

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