Likelihoood of Receiving the 2016 Republican Nomination

Source: Predict Wise

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  1. Molesworth commented on Oct 29

    Would would have guessed that Bush and Kasich would have done so poorly when they, along with Scott Walker, were the perceived frontrunners?

    I didn’t watch it. Were Quick, Quintinilla and Harwood that bad?
    I think of Carl as a light weight after watching him fawn over CEOs but I don’t watch CNBC anymore, so maybe he’s grown up….or not.

    • intlacct commented on Oct 30

      they all fawn. it’s called access journalism for a reason.

  2. john farmer commented on Oct 29

    Also at PredictWise:

    2016 President – Winner

    Dem 58%
    Rep 42%

    Clinton 55%
    Rubio 16%
    nobody else in double digits

  3. RW commented on Oct 29

    I’d put Cruz up closer to Trump and Bush down closer to Christie but otherwise the ranking seems reasonable given the current state of the field.

  4. GoBigRed commented on Oct 29

    I’ve liked Marco from the start, I hope he wins.

  5. Paul Mathis commented on Oct 30

    Trump will take out Rubio just like he took out Bush.

    My only concern is that Carson sneaks in somehow, but I think Trump will be hard to beat.

    OTOH, Hillary will crush Trump.

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