10 Black Friday AM Reads

My local not on a train morning reads, straight out of Chicago:

• The single biggest way shoppers are manipulated by retailers (Business Insider)
• Recognizing those who have improved our financial lives (Chicago Tribune)
• Preparing For Lower Returns (Irrelevant Investor) see also Welcome to the Flat Stock Society (Bloomberg)
• Google Will Help You Shop on Black Friday (And Help Advertisers See Where You Went) (Re/code)
• The secret stock market accounting trick (NY Post)
• Black Friday Sales Numbers Are Useless And Wrong (FiveThirtyEight)
• ‘NRA’s Sick Jihad’: N.Y. tabloid declares war on the NRA (Wonkblog)
• 2016 Design of the Year: Ford GT (Automobile)
• Even Ballet Dancers Are in Awe of Stephen Curry’s Moves (NYT)
• The Biblical Rheology of Deep-Dish Pizza: A visit to Illinois—home to snow, slaughterhouse romance, and a fraught geology masquerading as pizza (Longreads)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments, who manages $68 billion dollars.


China’s Trade Winds

Source: WSJ



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  1. VennData commented on Nov 27

    A Windy City thin crust to try is Aurelio’s. Extra sauce.

    Bring your umbrella.

    • VennData commented on Nov 27

      Rain. No snow today. Aurelio’s is the best pizza.

  2. Molesworth commented on Nov 27

    Today I received emails from four different companies that positively know I have “opted out” from receiving any and all emails. Bet I’m not alone.

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Nov 28

      Opting out just confirms that they have a live address for you. Like putting your number on the Do Not Call list which gets you more robocalls.

    • willid3 commented on Nov 27

      you mean she was on it?

    • VennData commented on Nov 27

      EDITOR’S NOTE: This commentor’s real name is Reince Priebus

  3. willid3 commented on Nov 27

    hm, now we know why vaccines dont always work. its biology

    seems that the body fights disease with white cells (some thing we all knew probably). but did you know that the retains cellular memory of the diseases it has fought before? so that if a related pathogen were to show up, the body would try fight the pathogen it ‘remembered’? its probably why the flu vaccine doesnt always work, because the body remembers the pathogen that the vaccine ’emulated’ and the white cells are triggered to fight the vaccines pathogens.

  4. willid3 commented on Nov 27

    you mean that companies will ….lie about their earnings? and that why they basically stopped using GAAP? and that executives have all sorts of incentives to do so? because their own incomes are tied to the stock prices? who knew

    • VennData commented on Nov 27

      ​”…Donald Trump voters are sweeping the nation. They’re everywhere on cable news, often explaining to cameras why nothing The Donald says – no matter how outrageous or divergent from established facts – will change their view that he’s the guy needed to shake up Washington’s political culture…”​


      If you leave out the assumption that the World’s on Fire​ their argument falls to the ground. So they assume it! ROFL!

    • willid3 commented on Nov 27

      good some one has to clean up

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