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My morning train plane reads:

• Howard Marks, Oaktree founder, attacks hedge fund fees (FT) see also What Hedge Fund Managers Make in a Bad Year (CIO)
• China Enters Bull Market (WSJ)
• This is no zombie economy (USAT) Yellen: December Interest Rate Increase Is ‘a Live Possibility’ (NYT)
• This Is the Worst U.S. Earnings Season Since 2009 (Bloomberg) see also Earnings Season in U.S. Is Turning Into ‘Adjusted Ebitda’ Season (Bloomberg)
• Municipal Bonds Shine in Bleak Landscape (WSJ)
• The Lure of Luxury (Boston Review)
• Khamenei Clarifies: “Death to America” Is Nothing Personal, Guys (Slate)
• Facebook Prods Users to Share a Bit More as new content postings slip (WSJ) see also Essena O’Neill quits Instagram, claiming social media ‘is not real life’ (The Guardian)
• Don’t believe the Democratic Party is in crisis? Then read this tweet. (Vox)
• Exxon Predicted Today’s Cheap Solar Boom Back in the 1980s (Bloombergsee also What Economists Don’t Get About Climate Change (Bloomberg View)

What are you reading?


EU Nudges Up Growth Forecasts on Low Oil Prices, Easy Money   OJ-AC147_EUFORE_11U_20151105050609

Source: WSJ



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  1. ilsm commented on Nov 5

    From Libya to Pakistan it is all the Ugly American. To the Shi’a the armorer and protector of Sunni Wahabbi is the enemy. Add US sponsoring the junta in Cairo!

    • intlacct commented on Nov 5

      I have a couple Indian colleagues. One managed to get polio under India’s auspices. 1971 but still… One has returned to the US – he is in heaven with the health care there.

  2. willid3 commented on Nov 5

    a free market for health care exists in India

    results are not what some argue they would be

    if you cant pay to save your live, you die
    also turns out there is a growing business to identify the sex of the child. which seems to lead to a lot of abortions for female embryos. mainly for economic reasons

    so a free market for health care doesnt seem to operate the way advocates say it will. it will only produce goods/services for what they get paid to do. its an amoral system, neither moral or immoral.
    it doesnt care if you live or die,only if you can pay.

    and there is no insurance.

    and just like us, they dont /wont safe for it, they will safe for a wedding, but for their health care? no

  3. rd commented on Nov 5

    “American Tower’s adjusted Ebitda omits expenses related to options and other forms of stock-based compensation, which other companies also exclude..”

    It’s good to hear that America’s executives are donating their services to their firms as they receive no compensation for their tireless efforts.

    • VennData commented on Nov 5

      These are people that LOVE America. Even if they’ve left it to reconfigure their financial affairs in an offshore tax haven.

      People who want to tear down government are the real patriots!

  4. VennData commented on Nov 5

    VennData clarification:

    “Ayatollah I want to bang one of your teenage wives” really means…

    I just want to be friends and bang some sense into those adorablely sleek little shopaoholics

    • intlacct commented on Nov 5

      Heh, it is amazing for someone who looks like Trump to ridicule others’ physical features.

  5. VennData commented on Nov 5

    Google’s Scary Smart New Feature Can Write Email Replies


    There is also a new feature that comments automatically on a blog with interesting, insightful thoughts not completely covered by the main post.

    These thoughts are organized into ideas, bottom up, and covered completely so the commentor can save the time normally spent making insightful, thoughtful commentary. The system operates on a pre-selected list of parameterized comment preferences that can be changed at any time

    Please stay tuned to this comment to see a upcoming features that read comments that saves readers time be reading comments.

    Replies to comments is planned for next year. That year is 2016.

    VennData says so long

  6. rd commented on Nov 5

    I think that Josh Brown underestimates the importance and influence of God on Wall Street. http://thereformedbroker.com/2015/11/04/god-weighs-in-on-interest-rates/

    God’s importance was made clear in 2008-9. Goldman Sachs was doing God’s work (his prophet Lloyd of Blankfein himself said so). As a result, their righteousness was rewarded when God redeemed Goldman Sachs by bestowing a banking charter on Goldman Sachs (it miraculously appeared on the Fed’s books one night). Additional miraculous appearances of TARP money and the like continued to come forth because of God’s Will so that Goldman Sachs continue to do God’s work instead of having to fend off creditors in bankruptcy court.

    Meanwhile, Lehman Brothers had angered God (he didn’t approve of Dick Fuld continuing to dance instead of doing God’s work) and so he smote them down with 40 days and nights of repo and CDS hell (since the markets are perfectly efficient, you can only explain such volatility as divine intervention since statistics say it should never occur otherwise).

  7. neilmcgovern commented on Nov 5

    Re: Tweet shows Democrats are in trouble:

    1. Read Chris Ladd’s take on the Republican Party prospects: http://blog.chron.com/goplifer/2014/11/the-missing-story-of-the-2014-election/

    2. We are going thru the last conversion of the South becoming a one party region (all Red the time).

    3. Democrats have to craft messages that appeal to independents (as do Republicans outside of the South and rural West) that can be used nationwide, Republicans are increasingly dominated by the South, and that message is toxic on most of the rest of the country

    4. The last round of gerrymandering was very good for Republicans, then next one in 2020 will either be fairer (e.g. the redistricting propositions that are passing around the country) or maybe better for Democrats (outside of the South which is a lost cause for a generation)

  8. Jojo commented on Nov 5

    5 billion years old and still going strong! Thankfully…
    NASA | Thermonuclear Art – The Sun In Ultra-HD (4K)
    NASA Goddard
    Published on Nov 1, 2015

    It’s always shining, always ablaze with light and energy. In the ubiquity of solar output, Earth swims in an endless tide of particles. Every time half of the Earth faces the Sun, we experience the brightness of daytime, the Sun’s energy and light driving weather, biology and more. But in space, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) keeps an eye on our nearest star 24/7. SDO captures images of the Sun in 10 different wavelengths, each of which helps highlight a different temperature of solar material. In this video we experience images of the Sun in unprecedented detail captured by SDO. Presented in ultra-high definition video (4K) the video presents the nuclear fire of our life-giving star in intimate detail, offering new perspective into our own relationships with grand forces of the solar system.


  9. VennData commented on Nov 5

    Right now the GOP House is passing an infrastructure​ bill for eight years but only paying for it for three! What a responsible party the Republicans are.


    They are passing the EX-Import bank which is SOCIALISM!


    Hey Tea Party. You feeling happy about being Republicans?! LOL at you suckers for the Wall Street elite.

  10. intlacct commented on Nov 5

    I know more than a handful of Iranian atheists. Iranians are not stupid people.

    The joke where I live is when requesting coffee – ‘Could I have a cup of coffee, Death to America?’ Basically like please and thank you.

  11. intlacct commented on Nov 5

    Ah, counter factuals. re: let one bank go: why do people think that what is happening with VW wouldn’t happen with the banks after letting BS go? ie people thinking (probably correctly) there is more than one bad apple in the barrel and there is a run…

  12. intlacct commented on Nov 5

    the lure of luxury: research says every dollar of spending in retirement needs to be backed by at least $25 of assets. eliminate one of these overpriced baubles and you eliminate 25X their cost in required nest egg.

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