10 Wednesday AM Reads

Good Wednesday morning! Our artisanal, free range, morning train reads, served up piping hot for your enjoyment:

• Warren Buffett’s Way to Invest for Retirement: 90/10 Allocation (CIO)
• Bubbles: No One Has Any Idea What’s Going On (Motley Fool)
• Bill Gates thinks it’s time to fix capitalism (MoJosee e.g., VW sees 800,000 more cars affected by ‘inconsistencies’ (Reuters)
• Everything you think you know about happiness is wrong (Quartzsee also America’s Coming Cognitive Decline (Bloomberg View)
• The “myth” of basic science? (Science Blogs)

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  1. VennData commented on Nov 4

    GOP ACA CO-OP Concoction

    subcommitttee’s ranking Democrat, Rep. Jim McDermott (Wash.), charged that Republicans “have deliberately sabotaged” the co-ops, slashing their initial funding from $6 billion to $2.6 billion. The GOP has “weakened and undermined the co-ops at every turn,” McDermott said. “Now they point the finger at the administration when they fail.”


    It’s like the way the GOP passes a law that no on can close Gitmo and scream “See! Obama didn’t keep his campaign promise to close Gitmo.”

  2. VennData commented on Nov 4

    Why oh why does ANYONE read the WSJ? To get the opposite of the story?

    “…The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Google would fold the Chrome OS into Android, spawning widespread rumors and speculation. Then Chrome and Android VP of Engineering Hiroshi Lockheimer contradicted the Wall Street Journal in a tweet confirming Google’s commitment to Chrome OS…”


    You could have done worse buying at Obama’s Inauguration, holding these last six years through all of the WSJ headlines screaming not to.

    Sorry if you did. Time to admit the best bet is to stay the course.

    • VennData commented on Nov 4

      I’d like to see Rupert Murdoch and the entire Wall Street Editorial Board do one of those deep Japanese executive bows to their readership and the American people.

  3. RW commented on Nov 4

    America’s labour market is not working (ht BDL)
    “In 2014… close to one in eight… of US men between the ages of 25 and 54 were neither in work nor looking for it… far higher than in other members of the group of seven leading high-income countries …

    The comforts of idleness cannot be a plausible explanation since the US has the least generous welfare state among high-income countries. High minimum wages cannot be blocking job creation…. In the case of prime-aged women, the absence of affordable childcare would seem a plausible explanation…. The numbers with criminal records created by mass incarceration might also help explain the difficulty in finding jobs…. The relentless decline in the proportion of prime-aged US adults in the labour market indicates a significant dysfunction. …

  4. VennData commented on Nov 4

    Mr Tea Party Kentucky governor says he won’t take health insurance away now. But he won’t let anyone else get it.


    Is that the fastest overturned campaign promise since “no nation building?” You can count on these GOP campaign promises, Rock Ribber.

    So that will let lots of Kentucky entrepreneurs leave corporate jobs, and welcome small businesses who can get top quality talent who don’t need or want health insurance… ROFL!

  5. VennData commented on Nov 4

    Susan Devore, the Premier CEO, is on Bloomberg saying she doesn’t want Medicare etc to be able to negotiate drug prices but wants a free market.

    What don’t the Bloomberg anchors laugh in her fucking face?

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