Allies and Enemies in Syria’s Civil War

How confusing are Syria’s internecine political battles ?

Source: Quartz

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  1. CD4P commented on Nov 5

    Are we sure Al Qaeda isn’t there? Or is it too nutty even for them to get involved with?

    • jbegan commented on Nov 6

      Al Nusra is an affiliate of Al Qaeda, although there’s talk of them splitting off again.

  2. RW commented on Nov 6

    “What is evil?” asked the Master Patterner

    “A web we men weave.” replied the Archmage

    Ursula K. Le Guin, The Farthest Shore (1972)

  3. intlacct commented on Nov 6

    Rule 1 of the game: don’t play the game. Just let these guys kill each other. And get off oil!! Maybe we should add a tax to petrol for the cost of the wars we have to fight over there…

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