The Future of Cannabis

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  1. KDawg commented on Nov 24

    I hope this is the beginning of the end for the DEA and the United State’s asinine War on Drugs.

    Prohibition saw the rise of people like Al Capone and bloodbaths in the streets of Chicago.

    Then, never to learn from our mistakes, The War on Drugs brought the bloodbaths to the streets of Florida and all through Central and South America. Not to mention making the term “free country” an absolute joke when referring to the United States since we have the second highest per capita incarceration rate.

    Iran does better than us. Russia does better than us. But, we’re better than Seychelles! We’re #2! We’re #2! Whoo hoo!

    Now the DEA is focused on harassing doctors for prescribing opiate based pain medication. Great. It’s like the “over-prescribed” antibiotic fiasco all over again. Only it’s new and improved with prison sentences! Yeah!

    Dear Republicans, here’s a government agency you can get rid of. No one will miss it.

  2. kaleberg commented on Nov 24

    In Port Angeles marijuana seems to be the most vibrant component of the local economy, perhaps after health care. There are marijuana shops taking over and sprucing up some pretty wretched real estate. The ratty looking automobile detailing place down the hill is now a charming little marijuana store with a big billboard on top. It’s a big step up. I still can’t imagine who would go to an automobile detailing place that didn’t even look like a safe place to leave your car for an hour in broad daylight, but that may be why they are selling marijuana now.

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