The World Map of Debt

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  1. EMichael commented on Nov 10

    I would like to see a map like this with debt service payments/GDP . And it would be nice it those debt service payments were shown over the last couple of decades.

    • catclub commented on Nov 10

      Beat me to it. I was going to ask what interest rate each country pays, but your way is better.

  2. Iamthe50percent commented on Nov 10

    Russia is in much better shape than the USA? Then why did they have to import chickens from America (and cut a chickens for oil deal with China when they embargoed American chickens).

    Ask me if I want to exchange my TIPS for ruble-denominated bonds. At ANY interest rate.

  3. ReductiMat commented on Nov 10

    Seeing as that pretty much all of us look at the world through Mercator projection, can we assume they factored this into their calculations? Or is Greenland really going to be the biggest debtor?

  4. jlj commented on Nov 11

    From the Bloomberg article ref above:

    Emerging-market debt has grown $28 trillion since 2009, according to the IIF, which on Monday introduced a database tracking 18 developing markets. Global debt has soared $50 trillion during the period to surpass a total of $240 trillion, or 320 percent of gross domestic product, in early 2015.

    Map above has all the major economies (70-90% of worlds GDP??), and only Japan has a debt/gdp over 200%. So how world debt/gdp ratio over 320%??

    • DeDude commented on Nov 11

      I think they are confused about public debt and total (public+ private) debt. The map is public debt. The total of $240 trillion or 320% of GDP is total (public+ private) debt. Not that they make that clear.

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