10 Monday AM Reads

Only 4 days left until the end of Shopmas! Our morning train reads are both naughty and nice!

• Stocks were “violently flat as 2015 Was a Year of Contradictions (Barron’s)
• “It is high time to have a non-rigging exchange (NYT)
• The unofficial Goldman Sachs guide to New Year’s resolutions (Business Insider) see also  Goldman Sachs: 21 of the World’s Most Interesting Charts (Bloomberg)
• The Big Short: Was It Greed Or Accounting Rules? (Forbessee also Did Fair-Value Accounting Contribute to the Financial Crisis? (NBER)
• Music in the brain: For the first time, scientists identify a neural population highly selective for music. (MIT News)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Stephen Roach, formerly Chief Economist at Morgan Stanley, currently lecturer at Yale.

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  1. Joel826 commented on Dec 21


    Didn’t see any charts on the Business Insider link but the light resolutions were funny.

    -Joel P.


    ADMIN: Fixed

  2. VennData commented on Dec 21

    Las Vegas Strip sidewalk: Driver hits dozens of pedestrians in ‘intentional’ act


    People have the right to own cars. You should NEVER be forced to license them! Imagine the cost! The loss of freedom!!

    Send money tot he Automobile Club of America, their lobby/leader makes millions as he should!

  3. VennData commented on Dec 21

    So now the GOP’s trying to blame Fair Value Accounting for the Bush Ownership Society Financial collapse. ANYTHING but the Republican policies.

    The can’t blame Reagan’s offshore tax shelters for all the money stashed overseas because they don’t want you to blame Reagan that YOUR share of the debt’s higher.

    And all of a sudden Paul Ryan cutting deals with Obama is good if there are $700B in unpaid for tax cuts for the rich special interests.

    When are you GOP voters going to wake up?

    • willid3 commented on Dec 21

      well of course it wasnt the policies. they were the correct ones. it had to be some thing else

  4. VennData commented on Dec 21

    Speak out you great un-fact checked un-washed masses of The Base.

    “…I would have to agree with John from Hegewisch. We absolutely need a stricter voter identification process. It has been proven that there are counties and cities around the country that have had persistent voter fraud…”


    You pal. You’re wrong. if you SAY it’s been proved doesn’t mean it’s proved. That’s Republican Bullshit and you buy it because you have racists tendencies, but voter fraud isn’t a problem. Gerrymandering is a problem (let a computer make squares on the state) Guns are. Dependence on foreign oil is a problem (Build solar) Letting banks do what ever they want with gov’t deposit insurance is a problem. Reagan allowing companies to hide profits off shore is a problem, to name a few.

    • VennData commented on Dec 21

      Send immigrant Rupert Murdoch back home!

  5. VennData commented on Dec 21

    Oil at 11-year low


    So if the Saudi’s decide to pump all out why does that make alternative energy “too high?”

    Only because of the temporary gyrations in the market. And if you think those temporary gyrations shouldn’t be expanded out to ten twenty years, you’re wrong.

    Invest in solar and alt. energy now! With everything we got. STOP FUNDING ISIS.

  6. VennData commented on Dec 21

    Graham Drops Out


    Looks like keeping tariffs for South Carolina manufacturers and price supports for South Carolina farmers is no way to raise money and compete in the GOP. But I do hope he continues to speak out against Democrats interfering in free markets so we can laugh.

    Don’t let the door to the bath house hit you on the way back in.

    • VennData commented on Dec 21

      It will clean up Obama’s health care crisis if everyone unloads their clip.

    • intlacct commented on Dec 21

      I can imagine online shopping would go thru the roof.

  7. VennData commented on Dec 21

    Trump on Paul Ryan’s Budget busting deficit pumping deal.

    “..The real estate mogul also trashed congressional Republicans for supporting a newly-passed $1.1 trillion spending plan that received bipartisan support.
    “I couldn’t believe that they did it,” Trump said. “The Republicans are supposed to stop it.”


    Supposed to? Trump is as dumb as the The Base. The Republicans give tax cuts to the rich. Everything else is secondary.

    If you haven’t figured thar out yet then YOU are part of the problem.

  8. VennData commented on Dec 21

    Odell Beckham’s a dirtbag. Suspend him for four games. Take his money. Oh and his hair is ridiculous.

  9. VennData commented on Dec 21

    Cramer: Apple’s Tim Cook ‘patriotic’ on taxes


    BULLSHIT. Not when he lobby’s for special breaks. These are SPECIAL breaks that allow them and others to pay minuscule taxes, not “compete”

    Tim Cook and the rest of these tax cheats and inverters LOBBY to keep this Reagan gift that keeps taking from the Treasury and increasing the national debt.

    Get down to Afghanistan and FIGHT Time Cook if you don’t want to pay your fair share or LEAVE.


    America Love it or Leave. And PAY.

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