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Nice set of comparison graphs via the WSJ:


Source: WSJ

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  1. Futuredome commented on Dec 1

    Your consumer spending side is incorrect. It doesn’t take size in content, making the graph useless. Real consumer spending today dwarfs that of the past, especially pre-1990’s.

    Most of that “business investment” is commodity related.

    • willid3 commented on Dec 1

      well both would probably dwarf earlier years

      but this i think is just growth. not how big is it

    • Whammer commented on Dec 1

      @willid3, you are correct, they are all set at a baseline from when the recovery began. Says so right on the chart ;-)

  2. VennData commented on Dec 1

    Invest on your own. You will be the winner. Let the ditherers dither. Invest, invest, invest.

    The dollar is strong. That is the key to everything. You have more buying power. Buy cheap foreign assets. Have a big slug of your asset allocation permanently dedicated to foreign equities, small cap foreign, and if you’re pile is big enough, foreign real estate.

    Buy, hold, re-balance, once a year.

  3. willid3 commented on Dec 1

    odd, both 2001 and 2009 growth rates seem very anemic compared to earlier years

  4. wally commented on Dec 1

    Gosh, do you think the big-growth Baby Boomer years are over and the slow-growth Boomer retirement years are beginning?

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