Countries Scaled to the Economic Aid Received From the US

Source: How Much

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  1. davebarnes commented on Dec 31

    We are giving $703M in aid to an OPEC member: Nigeria?
    Does not compute.

  2. VennData commented on Dec 31

    Looks to me about fifty or sixty percent of Federal Budget with the rest going to gender reassignment counseling.

  3. WickedGreen commented on Dec 31

    Absolutely fantastic. A graphic is worth a thousand bureaucratic pages.

    Ironic, might we note, how many of them have proved to be terrible “investments”.

    I wonder if any of the most favored recipients have substantial lobbying efforts?

  4. davebarnes commented on Dec 31

    $703M to Nigeria, an OPEC member!
    Could we spend the money in other places, to better use?

  5. Captin7Seas commented on Jan 1

    Interesting that the wealthiest country per GDP gets the most money. I wonder how much other nations give to these nations and if we provide any strings to how the money is spent – like education health & welfare as opposed to military expenditures. I think it would be smart for us if we could transition over time to a plan where we spend our money here and send them goods and services with a similar face dollar amount – at least that way we’d be assured of some economic impact to our largess.

  6. spencer commented on Jan 1

    Note that Israel is also the largest recipient of military aid.

    • Just This One commented on Jan 3

      @spencer, quoting from the source: “According to the U.S. State Government 2013-2015 Foreign Assistance report, all $3.1 billion of Israel’s funding was used for military financing.”

      So Israel in fact receives *only* military aid, and if I’m not mistaken most (if not all) of it has to be spent in the US.

  7. DeDude commented on Jan 1

    How about doing it as aid per capita

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