Gauging A Warming World

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Source: Washington Post

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  1. Whammer commented on Dec 15

    I’m starting to detect a small change in the comments on climate-related articles. While they are a reliable source for some of the “stupidest crap on the Internet”, I’m feeling like the volume of the stupidity is starting to drop. Maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part.

    One of my favorite stupid things — that “believing” in man-made climate change is like a religion and requires belief in something that isn’t valid. These very same people seem to think that we can rapidly increase the quantities of known greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and that nothing will happen! So where is the “faith”, exactly?

    • DeDude commented on Dec 15

      The “rewards” for the denier goes like this. Experts claim “X” but I am smarter than the experts because I know that “Y”. Now they get a huge endorphine rush because they are smarter than the experts. Normally “Y” is a cherry-picked factoid, which takes some rather extensive or complicated digging to explain in the context of the expert claim of “X”. The denier get to “win” and keep their endorphine rush because those supporting the opposite view simply don’t have time or opportunity to pull apart “Y”. However, after a certain amount of denier BS has been floating around for a while, you get some of the reality-based people and experts sufficiently pissed off that they systematically begin to collect denierism claims, and pull them apart.

      Now when the denier come out with his: “experts claim “X” but I am smarter than the experts because I know that “Y””, he is immediately meet with a “no Y is not true and here is [convincing explanation] why that claim is a load of BS”. Being immediately shown to be an ignorant clown, kind of crimps the endorphine rush. So after a while the denier moves on to a new subject that doesn’t get the same kind of push-back. I think climate change deniers are kind of getting to the point where they feel the need to move onto some other area where they can get their fix without being confronted with reality.

  2. Expat commented on Dec 15

    Let’s assume that Man-Induced Climate Change is not real. So, all those who support it and research it believe is something false but it their belief is supported by written works dating back decades. Deniers claim they are evil, communist hatemongers who are out to destroy the world and they and their beliefs must be destroyed.

    Yet, those same deniers believe in God and religion. Their belief is based on some old writing dating back a few more decades. They use this belief to justify whatever they want. Religion deniers claim these people are evil hatemongers who are out to destroy the world and their beliefs must be destroyed.

    Either the Deniers should be forced to burn their bibles or they should shut up. Frankly, I would burn all the churches with the deniers inside them if I were not worried about adding to global warming.

    • intlacct commented on Dec 15

      That’s a good point Expat. It is amazing how folks cling to the wit and wisdom of the stone/bronze/iron/dark ages. Said much better in Miracle on 54th St.: “These small, seemingly insignificant, sentimental anachronisms can be surprisingly potent.”

      I hope there is global warming. I’m tired of freezing in Canada.

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