God Isn’t Fixing This

Amazing: The Daily News calls out various hypocritical politicians as “Cowards” for their nonsensical platitudes:



Source: @NYDailyNews

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  1. DeDude commented on Dec 6

    Its about time someone call these murderers of innocent children to task for what they are doing. Getting money and votes from the NRA is apparently more important than preventing these senseless killings.

  2. Jojo commented on Dec 6

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  3. DeDude commented on Dec 6

    Wouldn’t you know – when a deranged terrorist only have a knife the casualty numbers are rather low:


    When he can go to the next state over and purchase assault rifles it is rather high:


    A lot of dead people because of those who want assault riffles and cop killer bullets to be available for everybody – including terrorists. Talk about aiding and abetting terrorists.

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