Have Your Interests Exploited by Like-Minded Zealots

20 years ago this past weekend:


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Source: Bill Watterson

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  1. catman commented on Dec 3

    The pews are hard at the Church of the Great Uncertainty.

  2. Giovanni commented on Dec 3

    As true today as 20 years ago when Calvin said it.

  3. A commented on Dec 3

    And the worst part of it ?

    People vote for those politicians.

  4. JasRas commented on Dec 4

    brilliant. timeless

  5. Moss commented on Dec 4

    Unfortunate that most do not understand the manipulation ecosystem.

  6. constantnormal commented on Dec 4

    these two-decade-old reruns of Calvin and Hobbes are getting eerily prescient … oh, wait-a-minut … I misread the first panel as “shoots” instead of “shouts” … apparently we have evolved in the past two decades

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