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Meb Faber and Tadas at Abnormal Returns put together their year end review, looking at the best blogposts and podcasts for 2015. Many of my colleagues and friends made the list. It is gratifying to me to work with, and know, many of the most talented people in the online financial universe.

I ablogospherem especially grateful for those surveyed who said such nice things about MiB:

The consensus was that Barry Ritholtz’s Master in Business series was a must-listen. The challenge is that they could not agree on any single episode of Barry’s to recommend. So [here, Meb & Tadas] mention a couple episodes bloggers liked in particular.”

What began life as a side project in 2014 has blossomed into something very special. I feel an obligation to make sure it continues to be nurtured, with interesting guests from whom there is something important to learn.

The line up for 2016 is already pretty amazing. As always, I appreciate any suggestion you may have for new or familiar voices.

There are a couple of interesting developments with MiB in the works, and these include making it easier to access, to learn when the newest podcast is up, and to interact with the guests and their ideas more fluidly.

Thank you for all of your support for MiB in 2015 — I hope to exceed your expectations in 2016!


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