10 New Years Day Reads

Wakey wakey, time to start the New Year! Our first morning reads of 2016:

• Here Are the Best- and Worst-Performing Assets of 2015 (Bloomberg)
• In 2015 I Learned That…  (Reformed Broker)
• A Painful Year for Contrarian Trades (Wealth of Common Sense)
• 2015: The Year in Money (Bloomberg)
• Europe, Asia Markets Outperform US (WSJ)
• Recession, retrenchment, revolution? Impact of low crude prices on oil powers (The Guardian) see also Not Even OPEC Can Fix Oil Glut (WSJ)
• Really rich people are suddenly paying quite a bit more in taxes (Wonkblog)
• Our 47 Weirdest Charts From 2015 (fivethirtyeight)
• Six Factors That Could Make a Difference for Republicans in 2016 (Bloomberg)
• Every hour, the sun radiates more energy onto the earth than the entire human population uses in one whole year. (American Energy Independence)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Venture Capitalist Bill Janeway of Warburg Pincus.


Effect of Changing Federal Tax Policy is Starting to Show

Source: WSJ



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    • willid3 commented on Jan 1

      well you know we will are just so enamored of the wild wild wild west

  1. CD4P commented on Jan 1

    I have no proof, but only a suspicion, that Josh Brown is spending too much time ‘upon the sh#tter with the Twitter.’

    Going long TWTR because Brown has spawned the slogan which FB cannot compete with.

  2. VennData commented on Jan 1

    Matt Drudge’s banner year

    “Politics has changed radically since he opened shop 20 years ago… with a big, bold headline atop his page.POLITICO trolled through Drudge’s archive and collected nearly every banner – 515 in total – from this year … What we found was an overweening obsession with … Bill and Hillary Clinton, Drudge also worries about terrorism and the threat of terrorism … Undocumented immigrants … are another frequent topic, along with … Obama’s … actions to protect them. … Drudge showed interest in stories about Scott Walker, particularly if they came with a photo of the Wisconsin governor riding a Harley. Shirtless or sleeveless pics of Martin O’Malley were a common trope, along with Joe Biden wearing shades.”


    Drudge clowndom

    • VennData commented on Jan 1

      Drudge on that winner Scot “Build a wall to protect us from Canada” Walker.

      That’s the GOP. Complete idiocy.

  3. howardoark commented on Jan 1

    George Will is pretty funny today


    A 9-year-old Florida fourth-grader was threatened with sexual harassment charges if he continued to write love notes telling the apple of his eye that her eyes sparkle “like diamonds.”

    A Texas 9-year-old was suspended for saying his magic ring could make people disappear. A young girl was sent home with a censorious note from her school because her Wonder Woman lunchbox violated the school ban on depictions of “violent characters.”

  4. Jojo commented on Jan 1

    Dec 30, 2015
    The Meaning Of Donald Trump

    A FiveThirtyEight Chat

    In this week’s 2016 Slack Chat, we leave the horse race aside to look for meaning in Donald Trump’s romp through the world of politics. The transcript below has been lightly edited.

    micah (Micah Cohen, politics editor): The year is just about over, and we at FiveThirtyEight spent a good deal of time in 2015 arguing that Donald Trump has little chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination. Some political observers, however, have found fault with that focus.

    In the Washington Post earlier this month, Dave Weigel wrote that many data journalists (including those at this site) were so focused on showing that Trump couldn’t win the nomination that they missed the story of the political groundswell that brought him to such prominence. “Arguing that ‘news’ consists of who will win a contest is arguing for the cancellation of most news,” he wrote.

    Obviously, no one is arguing that the only thing that matters is who wins. Saying Trump has little chance of winning is not the same thing as saying he’s not a story — it’s not like the world is lacking for Trump coverage.

    But let’s confront this question head-on: Does Trump’s polling lead for the last several months tell us something new about the country or Republican Party? Forget the horse-race, what have you learned from the Trump phenomenon of 2015?


  5. RW commented on Jan 1

    The Suburbs Will Die: One Man’s Fight to Fix the American Dream
    Engineer Charles Marohn worked his whole life trying to make his community better—until the day he realized he was ruining it.

    …people who at one point helped enable the building of modern-day suburbia …now spend their days lobbying against it …Some, like Marohn, focus on the unsustainability of the financial structure. Others focus on the actual physical design of the suburbs and point to all the ways it’s flawed. Most …argue for the development of more walkable communities closer to public transportation. But their unifying criticism is that our spread-out development pattern was manufactured, packaged, and sold to Americans as part of an American Dream that fails to deliver on its promises.

    NB: From my POV the key insight of the disillusioned engineer in this article is this statement: …in Marohn’s estimation, property taxes at suburban densities bring in anywhere from 4 cents to 65 cents for every dollar of liability. Most suburban municipalities, he says, are therefore unable to pay the maintenance costs of their infrastructure, let alone replace things when they inevitably wear out after twenty to twenty-five years. The only way to survive is to keep growing or take on more debt, or both. “It is a ridiculously unproductive system,” he says.

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Jan 1

      I see. We should all move back to the tenements, leaving the countryside to the ultrarich, while we deal with the gangs and rats. A sentiment more suited to 1916 than 2016.

    • DeDude commented on Jan 3

      You completely misunderstand it. The point is that the rats and gangs will move out to the subs/”countryside” because they too are unsustainable constructs of the “low taxes” addiction. Eventually someone will pay and it will be the exact same idiots who refused to pay up in the first place.

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