MiB: Venture Capitalist Bill Janeway of Warburg Pincus


 “IPOs are the new down round”

So says Venture Capitalist Bill Janeway on this week’s Masters in Business radio podcast. Janeway is a managing partner at Warburg Pincus and author of Doing Capitalism in the Innovation Economy: Markets, Speculation and the State. His work operates at the intersection of technology, finance, and economics.

He attended Princeton undergrad, and earned his Ph.D. in economics from Cambridge University on a Marshall scholarship.

Known as a “key creator of modern venture capital,” Janeway helped to created BEA Systems, which connected software applications to databases across much of the Internet. The initial cash investment of $54 million became a payout of $6.5 billion within six years.

Janeway funded the Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance in 2001 and funded the annual Princeton-Cambridge Finance Seminars in 2004.

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