The Biggest Public Company in Every US State

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  1. constantnormal commented on Jan 5

    … this looks (to me) to be a pretty fair representation of the Corporatocracy, at least at the large-cap end of the pool … I wonder how an equal-weighted (to make the math easy) index of the largest corporations in each state would have performed over the past decade or two …

  2. willid3 commented on Jan 5

    must the biggest based on stock value? certainly not based on importance, or number of employees

  3. boveri commented on Jan 5

    I presume they mean the largest public company headquartered in each state.

  4. gflander commented on Jan 6

    I agree – Could we have an update?? – it would be more interesting to have it based on the number of employees or total salaried payroll $$ per state. Chipotle in Colorado is nothing compared to say Excel energy, Coors, or Lockheed Martin. (For employment – Colorado has many Govt employees too.) Thank you.

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