My 2015 Mea Culpas




My Sunday Washington Post Business Section column is out. On this fine morn, it is a review of 2015’s errors, embarrassing mistakes, and miscalculations — my annual Mea Culpa list! (prior years can be found here)

The print version had the full headline I share mea culpas to share the lessons, too but its the jump page’s D’oh! I wish I hadn’t done that. But I’m glad to learn from it — and you can, too that really works.

Here’s an excerpt from the column:

“While some folks find it hard to admit error, I expect to make mistakes. In fact, I even look forward to them. We learn far more from losing than we do from winning.

It helps when mistakes are kept small, manageable and repairable. An error severe enough to send you into bankruptcy may have lessons others may benefit from, while the person who is wiped out may learn too little too late.”

Nice art work as well.



The 2015 mea culpa list
Barry Ritholtz
Washington Post, February 21, 2016


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