10 Friday AM Reads

I’m in Boston for the MIT Sloan investment conference, but not before my morning train reads are ready

• The Election War on Hedge Funds (Institutional Investor)
• “Abundance is wrecking the economy.” (Reformed Broker)
• Emerging Markets: Ugly, Scary and Not Getting Better (Bloomberg)
• In College Endowment Returns, Davids Beat the Goliaths (NYT) but see What Hedge Funds Get Right (A Wealth of Common Sense)
• Swedroe: Does GMO Add Value for Investors? (Advisor Perspectives)
• On Investment Charlatans (Aleph Blog)
• Play nice! How the internet is trying to design out toxic behaviour (Guardian)
• Sometimes your fitness tracker lies – a lot (WTHR)
• 100 Incredible Space Photos (Great Digital Mags) see also Milky Way gas survey completed (BBC)
• The Weird Global Appeal of Heavy Metal (WSJ)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Emanuel Derman, former head of the Goldman Sachs Quantitative Strategies Group, now Director of Columbia University program in financial engineering.



Nikkei 225: Last Six Months

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