10 Tuesday AM Reads

From the wild and wooly weirdness that that is Portland Oregon, my morning train hotel reads:

• The March Madness Theory of Investing (Bloomberg View)
•  How To Be Wrong As An Investor (A Wealth of Common Sense) see also Don’t Make Important Decisions Late in the Day (HBR)
• Dalio, Bridgewater, and Asset Management’s Succession Quandary (Chief Investment Officer)
• The Long Search for the Value of Pi (Scientific American) see also The Do’s and Don’ts of Trusting Science (Bloomberg View)
• What Happens When Walmart Dumps You: The first knock on Walmart was that it gutted the mom-and-pop businesses of small-town America. So what happens to those towns when Walmart decides to leave? (Daily Beast)
• Explaining Rage: A Q&A with R. Douglas Fields (Scientific American) see also These Are The Phrases Each GOP Candidate Repeats Most (FiveThirtyEight)
• Back From the Dead: Interest-Rate Hikes Are Getting Priced in Again (WSJ)
• Handicapping the five potential nominees to fill the Scalia seat (Scotus) but see Posner: The Supreme Court is a political court (Washington Post)
• This Man Ate Every Slice of Pizza in Manhattan (Munchies)
• Why, Exactly, Is Trump Driving Conservatives So Crazy? (NY Mag) see also The Week the Republican Party Melted Down (Bloomberg)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Jack Bogle, founder of the Vanguard Group and inventor of the index fund.


Poll rankings ahead of Tuesday contests

Source: WSJ


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