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Over the past 2 weeks, I noted a few new site designs we have been rolling out with the help of the wizards at Aytoo. Last week, it was Mike Batnick’s Irrelevant Investor, the week before Tony Isola’s A Teachable Moment.

Today, I want to direct your attention to Ben Carlson’s A Wealth of Common Sense. Ben runs our institutional division, and spent most of his career working in multi-billion dollar family offices.

One of his first published pieces was at Josh’s TRB, and it generated a huge and enthusiastic response. That led Ben to launching his blog, which led to his terrific book (of the same name). Ben sits on our Investment Committee, and is a huge part of what we do.

Ben’s redesigned site is lighter, faster loading, and sharper looking than before. Despite my very tongue-in-cheek title, the content itself certainly did not require any upgrade. It is still just as intelligent, logical, and useful to institutional investors as ever.

Do yourself a favor and check out A Wealth of Common Sense. You will not be disappointed, and will likely become a better investor because of it!



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TRB: Ben Carlson joins Ritholtz Wealth Management (September 22, 2015)

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