10 Sunday Reads

My easy like Sunday morning reads:

• Why Wait Three Days to Get Your Cash After You Trade? (Moneybeat)
• Would You Like the IRS If It Looked Like This? We invited three top design firms to give the tax agency a new public face. Here are their rebrands. (Bloomberg)
• Why do we bother? (Evidence-Based Investor)
• How coal titan Peabody, the world’s largest, fell into bankruptcy (Washington Post)
• Bernienomics Might Not Be Feasible — But It’s Useful (NYT Mag)
• Panama Papers: Inside the Guardian’s investigation into offshore secrets (The Guardian)
• Elizabeth Warren Wants To Take Down TurboTax (Think Progress)
• Sam Brownback declares war on Kansas: This is how extremists gut a state — and democracy (Salon) see also Why that woman who yelled at Florida Gov. Rick Scott should be your hero (LA Times)
• Volcanic Eruption of Denial (Slate)
• Steve Miller: This Whole Industry Is F–kin’ Gangsters and Crooks (Rolling Stones)

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