10 Weekend Reads

Pour yourself a mug of Komodo Dragon coffee, settle into your favorite swinging chair, and enjoy our longer form weekend reads:

• Q&A With Christine Lagarde: Finance’s Firefighter Wants to Be Its Architect (Bloomberg)
• Asset Managers, Prepare to Have Your Business Disrupted (Institutional Investor)
• Mark Dow’s Emerging Market Play (ETF.com)
• Crash Beliefs from Investor Surveys (SSRNsee also Everyone Worries Too Much About ‘Black Swans’ (Bloomberg)
• The Ghostwriting Business (Priceonomics)
• An Enlightenment for Grownups (Spiked)
• Innovation is overvalued. Maintenance often matters more (Aeon)
• I am on the Kill List. This is what it feels like to be hunted: Friends decline my invitations and I have taken to sleeping outside under the trees, to avoid becoming a magnet of death for my family (The Independent)
• Steve Kerr has suffered more than you will ever know (ESPN)
• On Its 40th Anniversary: Notes on the Making of All the President’s Men (LA Review of Books)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Dan Biederman, the man behind Bryant Park, on Public/Private partnerships.


S&P 500 Trailing 12-Month P/E Ratio
S&P Trailing 12 Month PE Ratio
Source: Bespoke


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