10 Friday AM Reads

And now, on to the general election! Recover from the conventions with our morning train reads:

• Is Active Management Dead? Not Even Close (CFA Institute) see also Fooled by Conviction (S&P)
• How iPhones and Uber Cut the Red Tape and Expanded the Economy (Fiscal Times)
• Samantha Bee says her show isn’t influential. Don’t believe her. (Washington Post)
• Sure, Taylor Swift deserves protection from trolls. But don’t we all? (The Guardian)
• Trump Sick And Tired Of Mainstream Media Always Trying To Put His Words Into Some Sort Of Context (TheOnion) see also Hillary Clinton: ‘When I Was A Child, Most Special Interest Groups Wouldn’t Even Consider Donating Large Sums Of Money To A Woman (TheOnion)

What are you reading?

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