Path to Electoral College Victory


Interesting WSJ graphic showing what each side needs to achieve via the Electoral College to win the White House.

I was surprised to see the Journal starting off the post-convention period giving Hillary Clinton 310 Electoral College votes amongst Solid, likely and leaning Democrat voters (270 needed to win).

To reach that conclusion, they make Ohio and North Carolina a toss up, and move Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin and Florida to leaning Democrat.

In this unusual political year, I would be reluctant to start with those assumptions, instead making Ohio and North Carolina lean Republican, and Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin and Florida the toss ups.

Enjoy the next 101 days . . .


UPDATE July 29, 2016 8:10am:  

CNN suggests Clinton is ahead on 4 swing states post convention.

Colorado: 43/35
Florida: 44/37
North Carolina: 44/38
Virgina: 44/35





Source: WSJ

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