10 Thursday AM Reads

Good Missouri morning, my early train hotel reads:

• Sorry, You’re Just Going To Have to Save More Money (MoneyBeat)
• Is The Market Always Right? (Pension Partners)
• Long-Term, Really Long-Term, And What You Should Focus On (Irrelevant Investor)
• (Huh?) As stock market soars, financial advisers batten down the hatches (Investment News)
• Wage Pressure (Strategy + Business)
• Brexit Won’t Stop Globalization (Bloomberg)
• The Future Is Expensive Chinese Food (The Atlantic)
• How America Could Go Dark: Dozens of break-ins shows the power grid has tens of thousands of utility substations vulnerable to terrorist saboteurs (WSJ)
• Is Gary Johnson Taking More Support From Clinton Or Trump? (FiveThirtyEight)
• Supernovae 2 million years ago may have changed human behaviour (New Scientist)

What are you reading?


Value versus Growth Performance Indexes

Source: Capital Spectator



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