Faber: 50% Crash Coming! (However. . . )

Here is what the below looks like in chart form:

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OK, let’s keep this fast and breezy.

First, here is the headline Marc Faber just announced on TV this morning:

Marc Faber: S&P is set to crash 50%, giving back 5 years of gains


Let’s provide a little bit of context for that market call. But rather than have me spill a lot of words about the folly of forecast, let’s just use his own prognostications to provide some context here:

“Asset Markets Will Crash Like Titanic” -Bloomberg, January 6, 2016

“Dr. Doom calls bubble, adding to gloomy calls” –CNBC, Nov 2, 2015

“2014 crash will be worse than 1987’s” Marc Faber   –CNBC, April 10, 2014

Marc Faber: “Look out! A 1987-style crash is coming.” –CNBC, August 8, 2013

Marc Faber: “We Could Experience A 1987-Style Crash This Year”   –Business Insider, 5/10/2012

Faber: “The Dollar’s Value In The Future Will Be Zero” –Business Insider, 4/18/ 2011

‘The Bear Market Is Starting’ Marc Faber –CNBC, August 3, 2011

Faber on Hyperinflation: “Not A Matter Of If But When” –Business Insider, 9/23/2010


If you think following these forecasts can make you money (other than fading) you are a better man than I.


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