QOTD: Trump’s Real Life Reality Show

Very insightful observation from Dana Milbank on how Trump’s real life resembled a reality show:

“Each stage of Trump’s life, and campaign, has been something of a reality show. His privileged youth was Paris Hilton’s “The Simple Life,” his years in New York’s tabloid culture “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” his professional life “Million Dollar Listing,” his three marriages “The Bachelor” and, with Melania, “90 Day Fiance.”

In the campaign, his courtship of the religious right was “Duck Dynasty,” his systematic elimination of his 16 competitors in the GOP primary was “Survivor,” and the unfocused but drama-filled GOP convention, beginning with Melania’s stolen speech, was “Real Housewives.”


It would be funny if it weren’t so true . . .



Reality interrupts the Trump Show
Dana Milbank
Washington Post, September 2 2016


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