10 Sunday Reads

My easy-like-Sunday-morning reads:

• Uncle Sam Pays Almost Twice the Yield on Treasurys — If You Know Where to Look (MoneyBeat)
• How Wells Fargo’s High-Pressure Sales Culture Spiraled Out of Control (WSJ)
• Too rich or too busy? What we now pay to have done for us (FT)
• How The Oil And Gas Industry Awakened Oklahoma’s Sleeping Fault Lines (FiveThirtyEight)
• The One-Man, $1.2 Billion ETF Shop: Andrew Chanin’s HACK is a rocket in an industry full of zombies (Bloomberg)
•  Housel: What A Time to Be Alive (Collaborative Fund)
• His Life Was Insane: “Crazy” Eddie Antar was an innovator, disrupter, and crook all rolled into one. (City Journal) see also Calculated Madness: The rise and fall of Crazy Eddie Antar (Crain’s New York)
• Humans and Neanderthals had sex. But was it for love? (Vox)
• Olbermann: 176 Reasons Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be President (GQ)
• Donald Trump just summed up his entire despicable campaign in 30 seconds (Washington Post) see also Donald Trump’s ridiculous claim that Hillary Clinton started the birther movement (Washington Post)

Be sure to check out this weekend’s Masters in Business interview all about the music industry with rock & roll legend Steve Miller (of the Steve Miller Band).


Apple’s shares are headed for first weekly gain of 10% or more in three years

Source: Dave Wilson


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